Use Your Inside Voice


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Here we are in the Maine place. And I love it here.  Sheriff Brickle loves it here.  And the persons love it here! All this love has got us, well, a little rambunctious. And hyper.  And happy!!  Could it be the cooler weather? Could it be that the light here in Maine cast a beauteous shadow on the Sheriff? That is what he said.

Anyway, when I am feeling good I howl.  I howl at everything.  And everyone.  People I have saw just a few minutes prior.  Yeah, I howl.  Dogs walking in the campground.  I howl.  Campers being too loud.  I howl.  Dinner time.  I howl.  Snack time.  I howl.  You get the point.

Well, the campground says in no uncertain terms that barking dogs will not be tolerated, but it doesn’t say anything about howling foxhounds like me.  I guess Girl Person can’t interpret the rules correctly like I can. And she keeps telling me to be quiet and use my inside voice.  My inside voice? You mean my stomach growling?  Yeah, well, if you hear that you had better get me some pancakes.  An inside voice means nothing good, and Girl Person, if you have one I seriously suggest you go to a doctor.  I know you are crazy and all, but do this.  Get Maine happy with us!  Don’t use your inside voice, and if the campground kicks us out, well, they know what is going to happen anyway.  Sheriff Brickle says that they.  Are.  Arrested.

Today we are going to the SPCA of Hancock County here in Trenton, Maine! Look for pictures soon!  Have a great day everyone!  And please.  Don’t even think about using your inside voice.  That’s just crazy.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

3 thoughts on “Use Your Inside Voice

  1. lynn daugherty

    Deputy, my dear. Please use the inside voice! Nobody wants to get kicked out! Besides, that is a great campground, and in a beautiful State. Do not. be. Arrested.

  2. Karen Olson

    Hey Deputy Digby. I am with GP on this one…please do t get kicked out. I know it will be hard but try to use your inside voice at least when you are in the campground. Maybe you can use pancakes as a bargaining chip. You will use inside voice if you get lots of pancakes all the time. I think it is back mail, and maybe the Sheriff will overlook it ( it is illegal) and not arrest you! Have fun today. I am waiting for your report. Love you guys!

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