The VIPee Tour


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Who needs arresting today?  Fess up, because I am so tired from yesterday that I have no energy for investigation.

We visited a very cool place yesterday, but yet, it was very hot.  I will get to that in a minute.  We visited a place called Live And Let Live Farm in New Hampshire.  We will be sharing a video about them later and tell you all about them.  Wow, such special people we are meeting on our Adventure Of A Lifetime, and we still have over 30 states to go yet.

This was a very big place, and since we were on a VIPee tour, we were asked to ride in a golf cart to see it all. Yes, us!!  Me and Deputy Digby too, not just the persons!  Well, I was hesitant, and you already know that Girl Person is a bit protective of us.  I call it insane.  She was scared that we would be scared riding in the golf cart and told the pawsome horse person at the farm that we would not do it, but thank you.  Girl Person said how we had tried before to ride in a golf cart and that we were petrified.  Boy Person urged her to let us try again.  Girl Person said no way.  But I decided that I liked Boy Person’s idea and I really wanted to get on this VIPee tour! Girl Person gave in, and we jumped in and we forgot all about that other time when we didn’t like the golf cart! This was awesome! Has that ever happened to you before? Like you think that you didn’t really like peanut butter cookies and then you try them again and you love them?  I know, I know.

So, we got to see about this farm on the VIPee tour, the many horses they have saved, the momma dogs and their babies they have saved and all the other cool animals.  We will be writing all about them this weekend, and you are going to LOVE it!  Girl Person got very hot yesterday in this New Hampshire place heat wave and almost passed out after the VIPee tour and so she is feeling a little under the weather.  But we have today to rest and to really think about our day yesterday.  It’s not everyday you get to meet neat people, tour farms and get a VIPee golf cart tour!  I am liking this New Hampshire place so far and the people trying to help the animals here.  Now, back to my original question.  Who needs arresting?

Have a great day everyone and if you think you don’t like something, maybe try it again! You never know!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


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