A Moose With Fresh Breath


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. And I didn’t know. I didn’t know that I would have to deal with these kind of arrests. What in the world is a moose? A moose?!

I am from that Florida place, well, originally from a shelter in that Alabama place, and I tell you what. We didn’t have moose in those parts. And I actually had never heard of their reputation. Well, our backpack has.

So, welcome to New Hampshire, the land of moose arrests. You heard me. Moose? You. Are. Arrested. Why did we think it was safe to leave gum in a backpack? Why did we think that moose steal gum? Shame on us for being so naive. You apparently need gum for your bad breath. And you should not be into other people’s stuff, especially backpacks. You think that because we are from that Florida place that we will put up with your shenanigans. Yes, I know your antlers are bigger than my corndog tail. But my attitude is much bigger than you know. And I am going to protect this Big Blue Treat Wagon at all costs. We have dog treats for the shelters, not moose treats. Or gum, which apparently you like to steal. Oh, we should visit a moose rescue, you say? How about starting a moose jail? I will visit you there. Because moose? You. Are. Arrested.

We have a full day ahead everyone! We are visiting a rescue that we cannot wait to show you. Its a bit different this week…and exciting! We also are surprising a fan with a home visit who very much deserves it.

Have a great day everyone! Look for our pictures all day on Facebook!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

3 thoughts on “A Moose With Fresh Breath

  1. Jenny (owned by a husky who also has quite the 'tude)

    Maybe moose like to blow bubbles? Go git ’em sheriff! Lol

  2. Nina Merklin

    A MOOSE?!?!? Seriously, sheriff, those guys are huge and dangerous. Be careful, who knew they stole gum?

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