Stop. Look.


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter and I am kind of starting to like this Massachusetts place.  A lot.  I actually wish that we had another week here because there is so much to see.  I feel like arresting Massachusetts for that alone, and for being so big, but I will wait till Monday unless there is yet another infraction.

Yesterday, we went sightseeing in some small towns of Cape Cod and then we went hiking through the woods.  We got to see many new things that were different from our Florida place.  I actually have a very hard job as the Sheriff, because on the trails, we hear different sounds than we are used to.  So it is my job to see if the sounds are coming from monsters, and bad monsters, unlike a peanut butter cookie monster.  If I find one of those I will not be afraid.  The new birds sound odd and frogs sound odd and other general criminals on the trail are enough to send Deputy Digby into a high pitched squealy jump many times over.  Every time he does it, Girl and Boy Person try not to laugh.  I laugh.

We have found on this trip that trying to squeeze too many things on our list every week to see is exhausting and sometimes takes away from our joy. You know, like if Digby Pancake tried to squeeze into a pair of pants.  It wouldn’t happen. We don’t want that.  I certainly don’t want that.  Yes, there is a lot to see in every state, but it’s impossible to see it all.  So we decided that for such a big and beautiful state like Massachusetts, this week, we will stop. And look.  It is very hard to do that sometimes.  But what will we remember about this trip when it is over?  Not exactly what we saw, but what we felt when we were together. And that is what we are trying to concentrate on.  Balance.  Stop.  Look.

So, we will see what is on our Massachusetts agenda for this weekend! We can’t wait to see more at an easy pace.  But Massachusetts? If you could invite us back again another time to see more, and arrest your traffic ahead of time for me, that would be great.

Have a great weekend everyone!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


2 thoughts on “Stop. Look.

  1. Karen Olson

    Sheriff you are a very wise pup. I think you have a very large brain and a bigger heart. Otherwise you wouldn’t be sheriff, right? One day I will meet you and Deputy Digby and the Persons. I love Cape Cod and looking in all those little towns and eating all the good seafood. Enjoy your visit! Oh yeah the traffic is awful I am so glad it is arrested.

  2. Betty

    Come back to Massachusetts and visit Berkshire County in the western end of the state! Beautiful area and lot’s to see and do!

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