See Ya Later Massachusetts!





This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  And Massachusetts?  You.  Are.  Arrested.  Why?  We didn’t have time to see everything we wanted to!  You are so big, bigger than my attitude, and certainly bigger than my corn dog tail.  You pack so much into your state that we could not have possibly saw it all!  So looks like until we get to visit again, you will be arrested.

We had a great week.  Yes, it rained a few days and it was hot a few days, and your traffic is something out of nightmares. Your traffic caused us to not be able to do as much as we hoped. But you made up for it in beauty, the friendliness of people, and your food!  Thank you for such a great visit.  But you still are arrested.

We got to see Cape Cod mostly and did so much hiking and sight seeing.  We also got to visit the Scituate Animal Shelter, and we enjoyed our visit there so very much.  If you didn’t get to see our interview, you can here.  We also got to ride a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard which was not a vineyard much to Girl Person’s dismay.  And yes, I had to ride that boat thing again and I was petrified.  At least it was a smoother ride, and a shorter ride than the last one.  I am getting a little better at boat rides, but I still don’t like them.

So where today?  Well, we are off to somewhere called a New Hampshire place!  And not in a boat. I have no clue about it whatsoever, so if any of our fans live there, maybe you can tell us what to expect.  I am exhausted from this week, so make it good.

We will miss you Massachusetts. But since you are arrested, I know that you will be here when we are ready to visit again!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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3 thoughts on “See Ya Later Massachusetts!

  1. Deborah L. Reed

    Welcome to New Hampshire.. I soooooooo look forward to seeing you here in my home State of New Hampshire.. We love the north country.. but we have great shelters and rescues down south where I live. Cocheco Valley Humane Society.. the Manchester Animal Shelter.. We have 100’s of shelters and rescues in NH for you to see.. Our mountains are fantastic,, especially if you were to go the Kangamangus Highway ,, Lake WInnepasaukee.. Alton Bay area.. and of course up through Lincoln and the Dixville Notch areas… we have lovely mountains,, streams.. lakes for you to enjoy…………. Enjoy our lovely state and I pray I get to meet my dear 2 Traveling Dogs in person…….along with Girl and Boy Person.. My love to you all and safe travels………..Debbie from Farmington, NH

  2. Lolas Mealticket.

    Has Someone fixed that shower for GirlPerson? If not come to Buffalo NY I will personally get someone to fix it for you! Happy Trails

  3. Sharon O'Connell

    Sheriff you are simply amazing. I am once again in awh of your words. Enjoy New Hampshire. I hear it is beautiful there too

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