No Plans


This is Peanut Butter Brickle and we had a great day exploring Rhode Island yesterday! Who knew that such a small state in size would have such a big personality? Kind of like me and my corn dog tail. Small in size, big on handsome.

We decided that a great way to see Rhode Island was to really explore. So we made no plans this time and just drove. We came upon a farm and a state park all in one and decided that it was a great place for a hike. After Girl Person looked up on the internet to see if dogs could be there, we set off on a hike through the tulip farm. It was a quiet place, and gave Girl Person a little time to think. Which is not always a good thing I have to tell you. She has been kind of homesick these last few days. Although, I do have to make the point that we have no home now except for this Big Blue Treat Wagon, and that is where we call home now.

You see, it rained the night before, and when we woke up, the air smelled a bit like that Florida place. And Girl Person said she needed another cup of coffee to feel better. So hey, I am feeling homesick too. I need another peanut butter cookie.

Anyway, the hike did us good and all was well until a bunch of ticks decided to jump on us and it took a bit for us to get them all off. After that, we set off on a drive with the music up on Rhode Island’s bumpy roads and just enjoyed the air. It really is something special to drive through areas of the country that you have never seen before and that you may never see again in fact. The people here have been so welcoming and we can’t wait to visit our picked, Connecticut rescue today, The Abandoned Dogs Of Rhode Island. Let’s see what we can find out about them and what furkids we can meet! So, here we are, on this Adventure Of A Lifetime and are able to spend another day in Rhode Island! Here we come!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

3 thoughts on “No Plans

  1. Maggie Bafalon

    What a great day you had! AND…you didn’t have t o arrest anyone!
    I was getting a little concerned about your arresting record. Ivw never been to RI but have good friends who have just returned after 4 years in CA.

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