Pawcast Podcast #2 Georgia


On our second Pawcast Podcast, Boy Person and Girl Person discuss their trip from Florida to Georgia on this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  Also, we highlight the great things that there are to do with your dog in Georgia and a recipe you can make for your dog!




3 thoughts on “Pawcast Podcast #2 Georgia

  1. Lori Smith

    Love the Pawcasts and the game shows at each rescue. Wonderful that we get to travel with you on your adventure of a lifetime!

  2. kirri

    Your pawcasts are so interesting I feel like you’re next door, I’m loving the Adventure of a lifetime on fb, Brickle and Digby are so sweet I love all you guys keep up the good work

  3. Deborah L. Reed

    I cannot await until you come New Hampshire Digby and Brickle. .I have enjoyed you so much.. You boyz are the “bomb”. You make me smile every single day and I cant wait to meet you in person when you come to visit my state… Thank you for making me smile every single day. I cant wait to see if Sheriff Brickle will arrest me?? Safe travels and much love always <3 <3 <3 <3

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