South Carolina, Here WE Come!

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. And today, we will be back on the road on this Adventure Of A Lifetime!


We are leaving this Georgia place! We also hope to leave the ticks that found their way into Girl Person’s underpants.  Seriously though. Talk about someone having a heart attack.  Boy Person actually decided to leave the RV at this point to give her some room.  Room? Yeah, there is no room in here.  Our shower broke.  The RV is overheating and well, apparently it can’t cool down with a shower.

Having a few problems was something to be expected. We knew this.  And it will be a big adjustment for us all for a little bit.  We need a schedule. We need less ticks. We need more food because no one has time to go buy groceries.  And we just need a good cry.  And or more wine.  And again, less ticks please.

So hopefully today, we can get out of the Georgia place and to our next state, SOUTH CAROLINA! We will first be heading to Hunting Island, South Carolina until Thursday. Then on Thursday, we will be in Edisto Island, South Carolina.  That is where we will be visiting our next rescue, Animal Lovers Of Edisto K9 Rescue!

We will be arranging a meet up in a dog park near Charleston, South Carolina and will keep you updated!  Who wants to go? Let us know so that we can be ready for you! And if you have a favorite dog park or hang out, fill us in!

So…on we go.  It’s going to be a hard year, but a great one! And again, we thank you for all of your support! On we go!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

5 thoughts on “South Carolina, Here WE Come!

  1. Hey guys been there done that. Hopefully it’s just the thermostat, and that will be the end. As for the shower…..stop at places that have showers. Just keep a smile on your face and keep it fun. You boys, boy person, girl person and oh yeah alot of wine and you can do this with fun and adventure!

  2. Carol Ann Peterson

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way that the ticks lessen, the weather is good, and that your RV gets permanently fixed. Vehicle problems can be so troublesome, I know! You and Digby need to keep Boy and Girl Persons’ spirits high with your happy energy and handsomeness. 🙂 A suggestion for you when you get to Pennsylvania: Visit Core Creek Park in Langhorne, PA. There is a wonderful dog park there, and I know a number of the dogs who play there; I know you’d find some new friends @ Core Creek Dog Park in Core Creek Park in Langhorne/Bucks County, PA. Tell Girl Person that there are good insect repellents that will keep both the ticks and the mosquitoes off her, too. I hope that you and Digby are on year round flea/tick preventative, too, Sheriff Brickle! Love you and look forward to tomorrow’s blog by you and Deputy Digby Pancake!

  3. Stege

    Oh man, ticks and roaches and mechanical problems are hard when you are living at home and even harder when you’ve left home AND thought your adventure was gonna be fantastical not stressful! Please take what ever time you need to take care of yourselves. Dont let that adventure take on a life of its own. Your fans want you to be ok. We dont mind you missing a blog now and then in order to take a tick bath or squish a roach. Hang in there, us fans are here for the long run!!

  4. Nina Merklin

    Seriously, girl person was. ” ticked” off!!.. That tick Is Arrested! She needs one of your peanut butter cookies and some personal doggie attention to sooth her nerves.

    1. Cindi Buzzell

      Sending lots and lots of LOVE and Prayers your way❤️🙏❤️…Those darn ticks are so annoying!
      Hopefully you can get the RV fixed at the new place you are going!

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