Welcome To South Carolina!


This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I have one thing to say. Give. Me. Pancakes. I deserve them. I deserve a whole stack. And Girl Person told me so.

Yesterday was kind of rough. Or ruff. You were probably disappointed I didn’t spell it that way at first. So, the RV is having all kinds of problems. Boy Person is very tired. And he is trying to fix many things. For three days he worked his tail off. Well, he doesn’t actually have a tail, but if he did, it would probably be as short as Brickle’s right now. He finally got us on the road again yesterday afternoon to South Carolina.

We made it almost all the way and it started acting up again, right when Girl Person was listening to talk radio and drinking her grape soda. She said it’s always like that, just when you start to relax….

But good news is that we made it to the next stop. We will be here at Hunting Island State Park until Thursday. And then we are headed to Edisto Beach, South Carolina on Thursday. We will be visiting our next rescue, Animal Lovers Of Edisto K9 Rescue on Friday, and then Saturday, we would like to meet up with any fans who would like to come and see us in Charleston. Any suggestions on place and time? I am all ears. And you should bring me a pancake.

Girl Person will be writing a weekly article on the places we visit on BarkPost for BarkBox, so we will start to share those with you soon. Also, the persons did not forget about their podcast. If you can give us a few more days, we would sure appreciate it. We hope all the kinks start getting worked out and we can relax.

I want to thank you for all your good thoughts and love. I love love. Yes, I love love. I said it. I am a lover. And I love you.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

9 thoughts on “Welcome To South Carolina!

  1. Karen Hampton

    Hope that Big Blue gets ‘his’ kinks worked out & BP doesn’t get too many kinks in his neck….we ALL know his penchant for ‘Boo-Boo’s’. I too, believe this is just the beginning & things will settle down with Great Adventures ahead!! As the Blues Brothers, those GREAT Chicago entertainers once said ‘We’re on a MISSION FROM DOG’!!! I mean God!! Rest, romp & Merlot…along with Pancakes, Grits, Peanutbutter Cookies ( yes, when I’m down South, I stir a spoonful of peanut butter in my Grits…don’t judge til you try, been doing it 60 yrs….ain’t killed me yet as my Granny Person used to say, lol) LOVE YOU ALL, BUNCHES & BUNCHES!!! Safe travels, Good weather & God Speed!!! See you in the near future, hopefully!!! ❤️❤️😘🙏🏼 ‘Grammy’ in Michigan

  2. Danice J. Conaway

    Sooo..BP.. When ya got issues with the house for the boys put it out there for all of us, maybe we can give ya pointers or the direction in which to go, don’t like the boys being stranded. Or GP being stressed out… I know it is tuff on the road.. Never know whom is near bye an can help… Hugs an safe travels

  3. Karen Olson

    So grateful y’all made safe and sound to the campground. Sorry to hear about all the issues you are having with the RV. Try to go easy on BP. You know he is trying hard to get the RV to act right and not breakdown all the time. I am sure both BP & GP are stressed. They both need wine and pancakes. Love to all and enjoy that beautiful place.

  4. Sylvia DiNunzio

    Well I glad that you are all safe first of all second I hope the RV starts to run right for you guys and girl, boy person I also hope you get the pancakes I bet they taste great down there. Last make sure you listen to girl person and boy person it’s very important that you do. Well guys have a safe trip until your next post….Ps. Rolo dog wished he was on your trip maybe one day you can come to Boston and meet him woof for now

  5. So sorry the RV is acting up. Ours is too. We are in an RV Service Center right now for the second day with probably 2 more days to go. Don’t despair. It is stressful, but will be worth it in the long run.

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