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This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  And this is the last time I will be writing the dog blog for the next year from this Florida place.  It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Monday starts our Adventure Of A Lifetime…and we are pretty much not ready at all! Bahaha! Still got a lot of packing.  A lot of goodbyes.  A lot of pancake eating to gain strength.  I am tired just watching the persons do all this work. So while they are packing the RV, let me share with you my reflections on what I will miss.


First of all, Sheriff Brickle and I are going to miss pawtrolling the waterways and canals here in Hudson, Florida.  We have had some of the best times of our life outside in the sunshiney. Did we do anything exciting?  No.  But special.  Because the time we have had with the dolphins, the manatees, the fish and the crazy beach persons here has been priceless.  Kind of like good pancakes and good syrup combined.


Next, I am going to miss our big house in Lutz, Florida.  We had it filled with a lot of stuff.  But we sold the house…we sold the stuff…and found treasures unfold in the simple way of life.


I will miss the orange grove and the gopher turtles and Gandma and Gandpa.  Wow, do I miss Granny Person who is no longer here.  And Cuddles.


And Leroy (not Brown). I won’t miss his barking though.


Isn’t it funny how everyday life is what memories are truly made of? How I miss those visits with family.  And the peanuts Granny Person gave us.  And stealing fried chicken off her counter. I don’t need the lecture, I totally know pancakes are better for you!

I think most of all, I am going to miss this Florida place because of the people we leave behind.  But Girl Person says that in a year after our adventure, we will see where the roads lead us.  So until then, I am going to say…as we pull into our beach trailer driveway for the last time…thank you Florida.  Thank you to this Florida place for the memories.

-Deputy Digby Pancake



7 thoughts on “The Last Florida Dog Blog

  1. Bill

    Gonna miss you guys and soon the treat bag will once again be overflowing with only Aimee to share. Have a safe trip and may all your dreams be filled with lots of exciting adventures in the days to come.
    Your friend,
    Backwater Billy.

  2. Monica

    Digby you have me in tears, but I can’t wait to read about your adventures on the road. Hope you get lots of pancakes

  3. Rita Rampy

    Looking forward to seeing & hearing all about your travels and adventures! And we’ve got plenty of delicious pancakes here in Texas to share along with a lot of peanut butter, too, so spend some quality time here & make some great memories…and we don’t mind getting arrested as long as it’s done by the best doggone law dogs around, namely Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle & Deputy Digby Pancake! Safe travels! Love you all!!

  4. Judy Moore

    Your trip will take you to new places, new friends along the way and lots of new adventure. Have a wonderful year of traveling. Stay safe. Take in all the sights Sheriff Brickle and Deputy Digby also man person and girl person. Hoping to hear from you during your trip.

  5. This Florida place is going to feel empty without you two Handsomes!! It was such a safe and love filled state with you two on patrol!! I am excited to see where else your adventure is going to take you. Safe travels…sending much love and many WOOFS!!

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