Trying To Leave For Our Adventure!


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  And today is THE DAY! Maybe. We are trying our best to leave at a decent time, not be stressed and enjoy the preparations.  So we hope you will bear with us. We will let you know as the day progresses when we are to leave.  If it’s a few hours late or a day late, Girl Person says we aren’t punching no time clock. No need to panic.

Now. First things first. Because as a Sheriff I need to check some stuff off my list as we go.  Goodbye Florida.  Goodbye ocean. Goodbye sunshiney.  Goodbye dolphins.  Goodbye manatees.  Goodby sea turtles. It’s been a wonderful nine months. But..we have a trip to go on!

I am the Sheriff and I must report on the following. No one has ever accused Boy Person of being on time.  Or accused Girl Person of being patient.  So when are we going to get on the road? Yeah, probably later today.  But we had a few hiccups.  A few long goodbyes.  Because no one listened to me and packed enough peanut butter cookies or pancakes! No, they did not. They always wait till the last minute to think of the important things.  Who needs underwear? Not I. Definitely not Deputy Digby Pancake. And Girl Person is trying to clean all the dog hair piles in this beach house.  Not an easy task..nope.

We said our goodbyes to our Gandma and Gandpa this weekend.  And Country Cousin Person and Cuddles and Leroy and all our family and friends.  Boy Person keeps saying to Girl Person that we have to remember why we are doing this trip when we get sad.  This Adventure Of A Lifetime is really happening.  Hope it’s today but might be tomorrow. We enjoyed our sunsets here.  We will never forget them.

So won’t you join us? We promise to give you updates all day on where we are on our Facebook page.  As you know, we are headed first from the Tampa, Florida area to Jekyll Island, Georgia.  Girl Person and I will be driving our vehicle behind the RV for this first leg of the trip. We will be making a visit with a wonderful rescue this week in Savannah, Georgia called One Love Animal Rescue. More info on that to come too.  We will be highlighting their animals up for adoption on our Facebook page in the morning all week.  And then on our Your Dog’s Diner website, we will be cooking up a great Georgia inspired recipe for the dogs! So Georgia?  Get ready! Here we come! Bear with us fans? We are trying our best and working our hardest to leave…thank you!!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle





5 thoughts on “Trying To Leave For Our Adventure!

    1. susie knable

      PLEASE come to Knoxville, TN!! I have been such a fan of yours for several years now! We have great animal centers here that would love to see you…Thanks, Susie Knable.

  1. susie knable

    Please come to Knoxville, TN! There are great animal shelters here….and I would love to meet all of you.

  2. Nina Merklin

    Sheriff, you must be patient with your people, they do not have the heart and soul of Dogs so they have to have them as companions to make life worth living. Drive safe and go with God.

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