This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  If you are counting down to our Adventure Of A Lifetime, you will be happy to know that we have four more days until we leave on Monday, May 2nd…time still to be determined.  Are you excited? We are tired and nervous, but excited too.  And Digby is a little bit scared, but don’t tell him I told you that.

It’s funny, sometimes when a chapter of your life is nearing its end, you start to remember all the beautiful things about it.  The sad things seem to pale in comparison and you seem to appreciate even the little things you may not have noticed before.  That is how we are feeling right now.

Our time in Florida has not been perfect.  When we moved back in 2012 from California, we tried our hardest to find a way to go back.  It has taken us four years to regroup, to sell our lifelong home and to actually make decisions that were the hardest…yet easiest of our life.  We thought that happiness was only guaranteed if we were back in California. But after coming to our Country Cousin Person’s beach home and allowing ourselves to step back and think, only then did we see what we had to do.  And thus began our plans for the Adventure Of A Lifetime.  And now? It’s here.  Where will we end up after this year? We have no idea.  Back in Florida? Perhaps.  California? Maybe.  But for once in our lives, we are going to keep an open mind and see where these roads lead us! Thank you for joining us.

Enough about that.  I felt I had to explain what in the world we are doing to our new fans.  But now, let me tell you a little about what I will miss. It is Digby’s turn tomorrow.

I will miss family.  Even Leroy.


I will miss the dog beach.  Oh, how many times I drank its waters and threw up in the car.

Image-2  I will miss the view.  The dolphins playing.  The smell of the ocean.  The fish that visited us everyday.  Chasing the sea ducks and being a beach dog.


Have you ever missed something or someone before you even leave?  That is how we are feeling right now.  Trying to take it all in, trying to remember the smells, how we felt here, how much it helped us.  We can’t wait for our adventure to start, but we will never forget this place.  And maybe, who knows? We might even be back.

I have to go and pack my cookies.  I did not say I would miss them because you better know I packed quite a few!

Have a great day everyone!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


3 thoughts on “Reflections.

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  2. Karen Olson

    You are a very wise pup Sheriff Brickle! I can understand exactly how you are feeling and thinking. You have a wonderful family to support you and a million fans who are there enjoy your next adventure of a lifetime. And many of them, including me, who have experienced the same apprehension and excitement about leaving a special place. And don’t forget you will sharing your trip with your good buddy Deputy Digby and Girl and Boy Person! And you will have plenty of cookies everywhere not to mention fresh pancakes for Digby.

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