Drawing To A Close


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  As you probably know, we have just a little over a week to appreciate this Florida place before we take off on our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  The days are drawing to a close. The sunsets will soon be a memory for us.  And we are a bit melancholy. I don’t know what that word means bur Sheriff Brickle told me to use it or I was arrested.  If a word doesn’t rhyme with pancakes, I generally don’t know how to spell it.

You can probably see that our Cousin Leroy (not Brown) has been visiting with us a lot.  Yes, he is annoying.  Yes, he barks a lot.  Yes, he has a bad attitude sometimes.  But we all came from that shelter jail, and we are family.  We will even miss Leroy.  And I think he will miss our days and sunsets here too.  Here comes that word again. Melancholy.

Sometimes it’s true that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.  Well, we know what we got.  Our Country Cousin Person was kind to her soul in letting us stay here all these months.  Our time here allowed us to relax and to think about what we wanted to do for the next year and regroup.  So many things fell into place for us to go on our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  48 states, 48 rescues, here we come! May 2nd is coming so very fast.

Monday, we will be taping a TV segment and we will be sharing it with you next Wednesday.  Until then, we are going to enjoy this weekend, each and every ounce of it.  If the sea could tell stories, it would tell of a family made up of a Boy Person, a Girl Person and 2 Traveling Dogs who found their happiness on its waters.  And we thank it. (I also thank pancakes).

Have a great weekend everyone!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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2 thoughts on “Drawing To A Close

  1. Nina Merklin

    Ah, Deputy Pancake, you used the word melancholy so well, Pat yourself on the back! Know that you are taking your family with you and home is wherever they are. Treats and belly rubs to you.

  2. Ksren

    Thank you Deputy for sharing with us. Melancholy is a big word that means a lot of things too. You shared some very special feelings and wisdom about being grateful. And pancakes. Makes me smile guys. I am looking forward to your new adventures. Have a wonderful last weekend in Florida.

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