Lights, Camera, Action!


This is Deputy Digby Pancake and today is a really big day for us! It’s going to be Sheriff Brickle and I’s debut on that big television thing!  Well, it doesn’t air until Wednesday Girl Person says, but we tape today.  And I am so nervous I am drooling.  Do you think that there will be pancakes there? Just wondering, just wondering.

Girl Person says that we are taking our big RV thing thru downtown Tampa and will go to the NBC studios to talk to Jerry Penacoli and Cyndi Edwards on the show Daytime.  Do you think that they know who we are? How many pawtographs am I going to have to sign after this?  How many pancakes will I be paid in? Syrup or no syrup? Just wondering.

Why are we going on this show again? I forgot cause I was thinking about pancakes.  Well, we are going to talk about our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  We leave NEXT week!!!! Can you believe this?!  We are scared, scared, scared.  Tired and scared.  Excited and scared. Scared.  Even the Sheriff has a bit of a nervous tummy.  Packing and ruckus seems to do that to him.  And he can’t sleep it off like I can. He is just too serious.

But today, it will be a very long day.  We have to leave our house 3 hours ahead because Boy Person is nervous about driving in traffic and thru the city.  I am nervous too now!  Girl Person says that she is going to pack that RV full of champagne and she better get no lecture from Boy Person.  I highly recommend that Boy Person.  Highly.

So, send good thoughts our way today! And before you ask, yes, we will be posting the appearance on Wednesday evening for all of our fans in case you can’t see it in your area.  It will air on Wednesday, April 27th at 10 a.m. Check for listings in your area at

Have a great day everyone! We will post some fun stuff along the way today on our Facebook page! Don’t miss it!

-Deputy Digby Pancake


One thought on “Lights, Camera, Action!

  1. Nina Merklin

    I am sure you and the Sheriff will be pawsome, Digby! You are very photogenic & charming. Looking forward to the post of your interview as no Florida TV here in Washington state. Love & pancakes on your big adventure

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