This is Deputy Digby Pancake and you already know that Sheriff Brickle and I uphold the law around here.

So this morning, when we were hiking, we were surprised at a person’s reaction to us on the trail.  Whenever persons are on the same trail as us, or even dogs, we always give them the right of way.  We get off the trail and let them pass by.  But this morning, this scared person had a very different reaction.  She got way off the trail too and would not move. Sheriff Brickle was perplexed and I was too.

Girl Person noticed her hesitation and told her that Brickle and I did not bite.  She told the scared person that she could go by.  The scared person told Girl Person that she used to love dogs, but she had reached down to pet one on a trail one time and the dog bit her arm so bad that she had to go to the hospital.  I was shocked!  Why would this happen?

Girl Person said she definitely understood that she would be scared, and that we would walk way around her.  I found it a shame she didn’t want to gaze upon our handsome, but I guess if a pancake bit me, I would be scared of it too, but truth be told, I would still eat it.

Sheriff Brickle says this has nothing to do with nothing and that it should teach us all respect.  You never know why someone feels the way they do.  It is our duty as dogs and persons to give other things space and be respectful.  Girl Person always asks if we can say hello to other dogs or people, but sometimes she forgets.  This will make us remember.  Be respectful out there or you know what will happen.  Sheriff Brickle says that if not, you.  Are.  Arrested.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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