Fan Suggestions Needed For Georgia!



This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It’s time for our fans to spring into action on our Adventure Of A Lifetime! Since our first stop is near the Savannah, Georgia area, most specifically Jekyll Island, it’s time that we need YOUR help.  And if you don’t help, well…YOU. Are.  Arrested.

We leave May 2nd so it’s time that we pick the second animal rescue we will be visiting.  Yes, we already have one picked for Florida before we leave…stay tuned.  But back to my point.  We need your first suggestion for Georgia! What rescue organization do you recommend?  As well, what should be on our agenda for Georgia hiking areas, dog parks, and dog friendly establishments?  We are calling on you, our fans for your help.  Because you are going on this trip with us too! Don’t forget!

Even if you don’t live in Georgia, do some work for me today.  Search on your computer thing and make some suggestions. Don’t be lazy or you will be arrested for that as well.  I am tired of all this packing and it is making me a bit testy.

Girl Person is going to be doing a recipe every week too for our fans on that you can make for your dog for each state with local ingredients and flavor.  So…give us your suggestions on that.  Yes, I know, peach pancakes are the most logical choice as well as cookies, but let’s use some imagination here or you will be arrested.  Don’t make me do it.

This trip is really happening and we are so happy to be including you on the journey!  Get your thinking caps on…ready…set…go!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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5 thoughts on “Fan Suggestions Needed For Georgia!

  1. Penny Thomas

    I live in Newnan GA and am on the Board of Directors of the Newnan-Coweta Humane Society. I’d love to have you visit us here. We are working very hard at our county Animal Control to make sure no dog or cat is euthanized. In Coweta County, we have the little city of Senoia, where The Walking Dead is filmed. You can take a picture in front of “the wall”. We have a wonderful park on the Chattahoochee River where you can camp. Newnan is the site for other films, such as Hunger Games, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Zombieland. We are just 30 miles southwest of Atlanta. (And I grew up in Orlando, and used to live and teach in Ocala so I’m also a Florida girl).

  2. Brenda MacDonald

    There is a great organization in Temple, GA, called Life is Labs. I’m thinking you might be a bit far away from them….cuz I’m from Ohio, but I think they are great!

  3. Sharon

    I am at Amelia Island right now. Last bit of FL before you get to Georgia. The most dog friendly place I have ever been to. All beaches and parks, and all restaurants with a porch, which is a lot of them. I like America beach best so far, going to Fort Clinch later. Good shelling including shark teeth. And if a need to stop sooner than that , my hometown beach Flagler Beach is also dog friendly.

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