Status Report #6 THE DATE


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and I am here to give you the latest Status Report on our Adventure Of A Lifetime! Are you excited?  Sit down but make sure you don’t sit on any peanut butter cookies.

We now are ready to tell you the actual date that we are leaving this Florida place and starting our adventure! MAY 2ND is the date! That is less than 3 weeks away and well, we are in frantic mode.  May 2nd is a Monday and we will be spending one day a week on the road, then parking the Big Blue Treat Wagon for a week at a time.  Sometimes we may move twice during the week, it just depends on the location.

Like we told you previously, our first stop is Jekyll Island, Georgia.  Stay tuned to the shelter we will be visiting and what activities we will be doing.  We will also be giving our fans a chance to meet us, perhaps at a dog park at our first stop. That my friends is a surprise because we don’t even have that information yet.

Today is the last day we will be having a crazy yard sale to get rid of all this junk weighing us down.  Its heavier than Digby’s Pancake’s butt.

We will be filming a segment and it will be airing April 27th.  Yes, it’s me and Digby’s first time on TV. I hope the TV’s around the country don’t explode with my handsome. It’s a risk you are going to have to take if you watch. I can’t guarantee anything.

Girl Person and Boy Person are getting all of their stuff ready for the podcast.  You will actually be hearing their take on things for once.  Although I highly doubt it will be anything close to perfection like me and Digby’s blog. But I recommend you give them a chance because they are working very hard on everything to make this trip one our fans will feel included in.  If you have any suggestions, don’t forget to put them in the Suggestion Box page.  I will read them. When I am not eating cookies, bossing Digby around or looking in the mirror. So maybe in awhile.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Wanna help us pack?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Our shirt supporting our trip is only available for a few more days, plus, it benefits a great rescue close to our hearts! Don’t miss out!


3 thoughts on “Status Report #6 THE DATE

  1. Karen Hampton

    BEYOND EXCITED!!! Have fun as you are adventuring, blogging & doing FANTASTIC good things for persons & animals all across America!!! We are so looking forward to HOPEFULLY seeing your handsome here in my Michigan place, Sheriff….and ALL the Two Traveling Dogs Family!!! Can’t wait!!! 💗❤️😘🐶🐺 ‘Grammy in Michigan’

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