Is This A Mirror?


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Take a look.  Take a look at this thing in front of me.  It’s my house.  And I am super duper excited!

It’s true, these days are crazy for our family with packing and getting everything in order for our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  But you have to admit.  This house of mine? Its pretty dern awesome.

I sat next to it last night and just stared.  As much as I was admiring it, you would have thought it was a mirror!  I usually only look at myself for that long.  And side note.  This house of mine has a huge mirror in it and I can gaze at myself all day long if I want in between eating peanut butter cookies.  Pretty near perfect.

Many people would not be so thankful for a house on wheels.  Many people would think we were crazy.  And we are crazy.  We have written this dog blog for over 5 years. Cray cray and proud of it.  But this house is the world to us as we see the world for the next year.  And we are going to admire it for now until we are driving down the road.  I could look at it all night.  I really can’t do that however because I have to gaze at myself a bit too.  It’s in the schedule.

Have a great day everyone! And don’t forget, tomorrow is our Status Update #6 where we fill you in on our progress for the week…and we have some pretty exciting news…

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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2 thoughts on “Is This A Mirror?

  1. Judith Moore

    It is a beautiful home Sheriff Brickle. I am jealous but sure you will have a good time in it. Hope to see you when you come through Arizona. I may have peanut butter cookies for you and Digby.

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