Old Friends. New Friends. Future Friends.


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It’s hard not to be sad that we are leaving this Florida place for a year.  It’s hard because the happiness we found here during the past few months was so unexpected.  We thought we had our whole future figured out.  A trip back to California and all would be great. But then we reevaluated, yes, even a Sheriff can do that and we decided to go on this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  Problem is, we made new friends and now we don’t wanna say goodbye.

One of those friends I made here is named Beau.  Well, his full name is Beauregard but let’s not be formal here.  Beau was a cat that his person found on a golf course abandoned.  I will tell you one thing.  Beau is a cat.  I am a dog.  And I don’t care what anyone says.  I don’t care what the neighbors say either because Beau is my neighbor and that would make no sense.  Every night, if his person is walking him, we stop and chat for a bit.  If I don’t see him outside, I must go to his window and we say hello that way. How are we going to do this for the next year? I guess we won’t.  So Girl Person told me she had some explaining to do and maybe it would make me feel a little better.

Girl Person said that we have old friends.  Friends that have been with us for years and things are always the same no matter how much time has passed.  Then we have new friends like Beau.  She says new friends are exciting and fun to be with.  Then she said we have future friends.  Friends that we will meet along life’s journey.  And I guess we are taking a pretty big journey.  Will you be our future friend?

Girl Person says that you have to be open in life.  That friends are friends.  Old, new or future.  She says that everything is going to be ok, and I believe her.  But can Beau come with us please?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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3 thoughts on “Old Friends. New Friends. Future Friends.

  1. Karen Hampton

    Old friends STAY old friends, friends now will ALWAYS be friends & SO MANY OF US are your future friends….what a huge, WONDERFUL adventure of friendship is awaiting EVERYONE!!! EXCITING!!!😉👍🏼🐺🐶😻🚙

  2. Jill Ledterman

    Girl Person is right! Enjoy your friends now and make new friends on your Trip of a Lifetime! Life will definitely be different, but I am sure you will enjoy it once you get going!

  3. Judith Moore

    Beau’s mama might miss him if you took him with you on your trip, especially such an extensive trip. Maybe you can send post cards Sheriff. Beau would like that.

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