It Needs A Name!


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Buckle your seat belts everyone! TODAY IS THE DAY!! The day that we pick up our RV for our Adventure Of A Lifetime!

We have spent months trying to find the perfect home for our family for the next year, and one big enough to hold all my handsome and we did it! We did it! And we are picking up our new house today.  We can’t wait to show you later today the inside and outside…we pretty much can’t handle the happiness!

Girl Person says she really doesn’t get excited about “stuff”.  But she said she is going to admit that she is very, very excited about this! Because it means our trip is becoming a reality.  Its really, really happening!  So many of our family and friends and fans helped us get to where we are today.  And we still need your help.  So…even though I like to boss everyone around and even though I want to arrest you today more than ever, I am going to let what you did slide so that you can help us out here!

Since YOU will be going on this journey with us this year, we think that you should have a say in what our new house’s name is…so…..

Whoever picks the name that we love the most is going to get a 2 Traveling Dogs shirt!


Remember, our Adventure Of A Lifetime is going to be focusing on giving your dog the best life possible.  So we are going to visit all 48 states and show you where to hike, what every state has to offer, visit a rescue organization to give them treats and exposure and much, much more!

But for today, we are going to celebrate!  We still have so much more planning and packing before May.  But you have to enjoy things as they come, and today, well, our new house is here!!!

Girl Person says she may crack open another bottle of champagne tonight.  Or now.  So yep.  She. Is.  Arrested.

Make sure you comment on our FACEBOOK page for your name suggestion for our new house! Ready…GO!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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