Not Fitting


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  So you already know that we picked up our new house yesterday.  I am not understanding that this is a house.  It has wheels.  It moves like a car.  We drive it around and well, that all sounds cool.  But what am I not understanding? How we are going to fit all my pancakes in here.  Its quite crowded already with the person butts and our dog butts.  So I have a genius idea.  I came up with it myself and I am pretty proud of it.

Since all of my pancakes aren’t going to fit in here I propose that we permanently park this thing at IHop.  Yes, I realize that we are supposed to be going on an Adventure of a Lifetime or something to visit rescues and stuff. So I have an alternate plan.  Instead of staying at RV parks or campgrounds or state parks, what about we simply park at the IHop parking lots? That way I don’t have to worry about fitting all my pancakes in here.  I can go into the restaurant and order some and eat them there and then come back and take a nap and go back in and order again.  Sometimes I can even add bacon to it or a fruit if I am feeling healthy.

So whatcha think of this plan?  Girl Person says this trip is going to be full of compromises. I am flexible.  Totally. I’ll go to Waffle House too.  I like hashbrowns as a change.

By the way, we are still deciding on a name for our ride…will be back in touch about that.  Syrup please…

-Deputy Digby Pancake

6 thoughts on “Not Fitting

  1. Kathy

    Great idea call when you get to FL. I will meet you at IHOP with my dog Sandy! She loves pancakes too, also 🍪🍪.

    1. Nina Merklin

      Deputy Digby, no problem with pancake storage, store them in your stomach!! That way, you will always be ready for the next adventure. PS, do not let Sheriff Butter Brickle arrest any extra pancakes until you have a chance to sniff them over

  2. Karen O

    I am working on a name. May take some pancakes to get my brain started…
    I a.
    M going to enjoy your adventure of a lifetime that is for sure. Digby I think parking at IHOP is brilliant!

  3. Nina Merklin

    I totally support your plan, Deputy! I love pancakes as well. No reason to pay camping fees, there are IHops nationwide. Looking forward to seeing you here in Washington state. Travel on!!!!

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