The Couch Island. Hammertime.


This is Deputy Digby Pancake and it’s been a long week.  The persons have been getting rid of junk at yard sales, packing up stuff in boxes and looking for an RV.  Why don’t you let me buy one?  Just get one with an oven to bake pancakes, a fridge to store pancakes (I like them cold and refreshing) and a couch for my butt to sit on after I eat pancakes.  Simple!  Good grief, why do persons make everything so hard?

As I was saying, it’s been a long, long week.  And you would think that at the end of the night, I could sit on a couch and be able to move positions if I want to .  Wrong.  Sheriff Brickle has other ideas.  Last night, there I am, resting on a Thursday night and I see the evil eye.  The Sheriff evil eye which is the worst.  I had already started to move and turn around when I got the growl.  Oh please, yeah, don’t disturb the Sheriff.  Like he’s the only one that works around here.  But needless to say, what he says goes and I was too tired to argue.  So it was freeze.  Hammer time.


Apparently, I can’t touch nothin.  Not his couch, not his floor, not his brindle beauty.  I was stuck on this couch.  This couch island. Stop. Hammertime.

I have no idea actually what MC Hammer has to do with any of this.  I like the tunes, no secret about that.  And this is a good one.  It would be better if I was in the video, although I wouldn’t wear these pants or any pants for that matter.

How long was I stuck on this couch island? Girl Person had to escort me off of it and tell Brickle to let me go with a warning.  Guess he needs his beauty sleep, an attitude correcter, or maybe he has an unhealthy attachment to couches.  Oh, how I wish I could arrest him.

Have a great weekend everyone!

-Deputy Digby Pancake




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