Status Update #3


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  I look happy, don’t I? Fooled ya.  I am delirious.  And it’s my job to give you Status Update #3 on the Adventure Of A Lifetime.

Ok, good news first.  Yes, we are still leaving in May.  I told you last week that we have our first place to stay scheduled….Jekyll Island, Georgia! More details to come on that.

Now to disclose the next states. New places we have booked (specific cities are a surprise still) are Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia in that order!  This is really happening.

Before we leave our beloved state of Florida, we will be giving you our favorite places to stay and visit here along with our favorite beaches, dog parks and eateries.  And there is somewhere cool to have wine.  I know, I know, in Florida? Leave it to Girl Person to find it.

Oh, Florida.  I think you are trying to keep us here.  Because you guessed it…we still haven’t found an RV big enough for my handsome and Digby’s butt.  Or Girl Person’s wine.  We still have a little time..a little.  Don’t worry, if I need to, I will arrest all the RV’s and live in them all.  Don’t make me do it.

And we are STILL having yard sales, getting rid of everything we don’t need which is all our junk excluding dog treats. And pancakes. And peanut butter cookies.

Now, for the part I don’t really wanna write because it makes me sad, and that affects my handsome which affects my appetite for peanut butter cookies.  We are already starting to miss everyone.  Our family.  Our friends.  All these persons who have supported us through all our crazy decisions…even this one, because they know we have to do this.  It doesn’t seem real yet that we are leaving this Florida place in May.  It just doesn’t.  How thankful we are to our Country Cousin Person who let us stay at her beach house for 6 months when it was supposed to be one week!  And thankful to our Gandma and Gandpa for letting us have sleepovers and meals and listening to our crazy plans when they are trying so hard not to miss us.  But what I am going to say, which is on the bright side, is that Digby Pancake reminded me that who knows where we will end up after our trip?  We may end up back in Florida, maybe California, who knows? Because for once in our lives, we aren’t going to plan the future.  We are going to go where this trip leads us and keep an open mind!

And last but not least, how thankful we are to all of our fans who have supported us, followed us and loved us since 2011.  Don’t forget, this trip, this Adventure Of A Lifetime is our gift to you.

Thanks everyone! Wishing you a wonderful day!  You are now dismissed.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle



2 thoughts on “Status Update #3

  1. Anne allison

    Hope you have a happy Easter and remember chocolate ain’t good for Dogs but I’m sure girl person will have a suitable treat for you!

  2. Dolores McKenna

    I have missed seeing you on FB! Thought it was my iPad acting up! So glad to hear of your new plan! Please let us know your locations in Georgia, South Carolina and places we can travel to see you! Your column has brought so much happiness and laughter to me. For the first time in my life I do not have a dog and I have been watching many rescue agencies in hopes of finding that special doggie! Happiness and success to you in your new venture. Dolores McKenna

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