You Have Lost Your Mind. Seriously.


This is Deputy Digby Pancake, and well, today I am under arrest.  Yep.  I admit I deserve it.  NO denial.  Sheriff Brickle said that would only add to my sentence, and I can’t have that.

So today, I decided that I was a hunter.  You know a hunting dog.  A dog that means business.  A Digby Pancake foxhound extraordinaire. How do I know how to spell that?

We went to one of our normal hiking places.  Girl Person told Boy Person that she could tell I was full of energy.  Yes, I ate my pancakes with a vengence to prepare for this hike.  Yes, I know we hike every single day, but I really wanted to apply myself today.  I decided that when we got to our hiking place, I would do it.  I would catch me a Boy Person.

You see, while me and Brickle and Girl Person hike, Boy Person rides his bike. And nothing calls out to be hunted like a biking Boy Person, especially on a Tuesday.  So as he pedaled away from us, I told myself, self…let’s do this.

What did doing it mean? Pulling Girl Person at my full strength, making her work super hard to hold on.  Howling and barking at everything I thought was a Boy Person on a bike.  I lost my mind.  Seriously.  And in the process, Girl Person lost her phone.

You see, trying to hold on to me and Brickle on a Tuesday morning with full pancake bellies is hard.  We passed some other persons on the trail and I wanted them to see I meant business too.  So I howled again and Girl Person fell in the mud when they tripped and fell because I scared them.  That’s when Girl Person lost her phone, and yes, her mind as well.  Because you see, she did not know she lost her phone until we were deep in the woods.  We sat down to take a rest because I had finally lost Boy Person’s scent and she went to get her phone to take another picture.  It. Was. Gone.  She sighed, asked me why, why?!  By this point, we were so tired, but I thought to myself self…now is the time to find her phone.  Let’s do this.

As you can see, well, at this point, all minds were lost.  Girl Person was finding it hard to hang on, until, until I found it! In the mud, yes a phone.  But not biking Boy Person, so back on the trail we went, and all I can say is that if you are hot and tired and on the trail of a Boy Person, a biking Boy Person, you need a drink and when you see that pond, well, you pull harder.  You pull everyone in, and yep, you are welcome for cooling off.  Now, let’s hope Girl Person’s temper cools off too.

By the way, I found that biking Boy Person back at the car who asked us all what the heck happened.  Girl Person said we all lost our minds on that hike. And please.  Can you walk next time?

-Deputy Digby Pancake


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