I Have Enough To Feel Guilty About


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  How was your weekend? Well, mine was good…good.  Thanks for asking.  I had fun hiking and getting into trouble by barking at the neighbors, other furkids in the neighborhood and rolling in my poop of choice for the day.  Don’t kiss me either by the way….

So as you can see, I have enough to feel guilty about.  But being cute isn’t going to be added.  I don’t feel guilty about it, I don’t. When you are as cute as me, you get so many comments, and I am going to take it all in.  Now, the question is, what have YOU got to feel guilty about?  Being cute ain’t one of them! Don’t feel bad about it either! Because I think  you are cute too!  I’m not like Brickle who thinks he is the only handsome one in the world.  I share the cute factors with everyone, including you.  But still, you didn’t answer my question about being guilty.

You are fortunate, because since I am a Deputy I don’t have as much power as Sheriff Brickle.  But I can still write you a ticket to make me some pancakes, and I definitely won’t feel guilty about that!  Hope you had a good weekend everyone! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

-Digby Pancake


4 thoughts on “I Have Enough To Feel Guilty About

  1. Barbara Stencel

    To the dog park on Sat. & a walk on the creek trail in Sun. in gorgeous weather. 😎 What could be better! Oh yes. Pancakes! And No, 0 nada guilt!

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