Time To Get Groovin’ With Some Energy!


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It’s Thursday here in this Florida place.  It’s also morning time.  And the persons? They need arresting.

It’s not like I have enough to do everyday.  Policing everyone and everything, ensuring the peanut butter cookie and pancake supply is adequate.  But now my job is to be an alarm clock? Got it.

Every morning, I am up and at em’…unlike the persons. Girl Person says she needs her beauty sleep and Boy Person, well, maybe he’s been hitting that port a little too hard.  In any case, I now have to get these persons up. And if I am the alarm clock being set, well, it’s an early one.

How do I wake them up? Shake, shake, shake my booty.  Make lots of noise.  Sigh.  Sigh again.  And  then shake, shake, shake my booty.  Girl Person always just tells me to please go back to bed.  I guess she thinks that is her snooze button. Well, you had better believe in five minutes, I am shaking my booty again.  And getting hair everywhere in the process.

Girl Person tells me every morning that she appreciates my hard work.  After she has her coffee she tells me that.  This morning, she turned on the radio and I had had an usually fun time of waking them up.  Yes, I do enjoy it, I admit it.  Who wouldn’t? When she turned on the radio, there was this song playing and it got me to thinking.

Where IS Funky Town?  Girl Person asked me if I was trying to wake them up so early so that we could go there.  She needs another cup and or gallon of coffee.  But really though? If Funky Town is as fun as it sounds, I am going to get up extra early tomorrow so that we can go there!  No snooze button will be allowed either. I am just trying to get you in the mood for Friday! Now sing along and WAKE UP! Or…you are arrested. Time to get moving and groovin with some energy! I am the picture of that.

Have a great day everyone!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


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