This is Deputy Digby Pancake. And today is not a holiday.  Unless it’s pancake day or something.  So why is Girl Person wanting to go back to bed? She says she’s done with today.

It’s not often that Girl Person has what she calls a meltdown.  I would think that I would love anything melted, you know, like grilled cheese sandwiches. That sounds so good right now. Can you imagine if you used pancakes instead of bread? Oh my…anyway.

So why did Girl Person have her meltdown? Let me recap as only a Deputy can.  There we were, driving to our hiking place.  Seems as though some persons thought it would be a good idea to knock down a bunch of trees and woods and clear out all the land for more shopping centers or houses or buildings. This Florida place seems to do it a lot.  Does it happen where you live? So we were at a stoplight and out came so many deer and their babies and that’s when it happened. The meltdown.  Girl Person looked at Boy Person and out it all poured.  Not melted cheese like I wanted but the meltdown of meltdowns.  Girl Person crying about the deer, about the animals she saw on the computer thing in the morning, about so many things and Boy Person just didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to do, I only thought of making her some pancakes. And Sheriff Brickle decided to step up and lick her face and the tears.  That Sheriff is good law enforcement sometimes for sure.  He arrested the meltdown and Girl Person started to feel better.

After she calmed down, she told Boy Person that it was so frustrating, all the animals in our world that need help.  She said that it was overwhelming and maddening and that all she wanted to do was get home after hiking and write this blog to get out all the bad feelings.  She said she wanted to tell our fans that although our site is fun and happy, if you are reading this, we implore you to think too.  You can’t do everything as one person to save and help animals, but all we have ever told our fans is that you should do SOMETHING.  This site is our something. What is yours? While you are thinking about that, don’t have a meltdown unless you wanna make me a grilled cheese.  I could definitely use one.

-Deputy Digby Pancake


3 thoughts on “Meltdown.

  1. Ellen Chalmers

    So many days I read your blog and smile. I read your other posts too and cry. Cry for the heartlessness, cry for the pain of those that cannot defend themselves or even voice things. I think sometimes that’s what hurts the most the innocence and trust in animals and they can’t even ask why someone is doing this, and how they continue to love no matter what. Maybe that’s why I know dogs are better than people. Those posts leave me in tears, but then I think, I read those posts because someone cared enough to share and try to help, so I share. Most are not near me for me to help. So what do I do? I email my state reps requesting an animal abuse registry. I educate people on rescue and adoption over purchasing. I help neighborhood new dog owners learn how to be a pup parent if I can. I help in small ways. My Mav is a rescue pet. Rescues ARE the breed of choice. What else are we doing? We are hoping in the next month or so to be able to rescue another dog and add him or her to our family therefore freeing up a space in a foster home in a rescue for one that needs it. I am passing on my love of animals to my kids (actually I think they were born with it) and to their friends. GP I so get it, your heart hurts because of the amount of love you have. To put it simply you experience what every parent does, be they a pet parent or human (in my case both, and news flash this may not be PC, but the feelings aren’t really any different furry or human). The breakdowns are part of being a Mom, trust me. We all have them. You keep doing what you do and we will follow along and help where we can, and when you have a meltdown, well know we have them too and we can all be each others shoulders to cry on. Much love to all of you. xoxo

  2. Betsy Dickinson

    I understand completely. I had to sell 64 acres (my home is on this land) because property taxes were killing me financially. I was the 5th generation to own this land. I am 72 and just could not keep up with the taxes. How I wanted to pass on this beautiful acreage to my children. How I loved each tree and each deer that visited me! Only 24 acres or so are being actually developed and so there are woods and wetlands left but I suffered when each tree was cut down. My sweet home is now in the middle of a development (a lovely one) and I have an acre and a half to enjoy. BUT …… it has broken my heart.

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