Do It The Digby Pancake Way


This is Deputy Digby Pancake right back at ya again on this Thursday.  Yes, I know I have been talking a lot this week, but I think you are ok with that, right? Right.  I think because this week had a Pancake Day in it, I have all types of energy! Which is rare.  Although now that I am thinking about it, I could use a nap.  Again.

So this morning, on our hike, we came across a few other persons.  Most of them did not have dogs which made me suspicious.  I alerted Sheriff Brickle to this and the fact that they seemed out of place, but he told me that not everyone has dogs.  He said that some people have cats, some people have rabbits, some people have goats, and some people even have kids with two legs.  Well, this is suspicious too.  They need dogs.  Anyway.  I guess I should not have complained about this because on the trail ahead came two persons with about a billion dogs.  A billion may be stretching it a little, like if I wore pants, but let’s just say a lot of dogs.  They saw us too and started going insane. Girl Person said that we had to give them the right of way and get off the trail into the woods.  I hate doing this and Brickle does too and we put up a fight because we like to say hello to everyone.  So we pulled her a bit, she got mad and told us that we better mind her. Whatever.  Ok.  This seems like craziness about to happen anyway.

So here they came.  All these little dogs and big dogs.  The woman person who needed another arm yelled to Girl Person that her dogs would bite so please stay away. Girl Person said no problem.  Then the man person who had about five leashes and 87 dogs yelled to Girl Person, asking her if we were rescue dogs and if we were friendly. He was yelling this as his dogs were trying to assault us. Can you imagine? They apparently didn’t see our badges as law enforcement.  Girl Person thought it was an odd question. She said that our names were Brickle and Digby and yes, we were proudly rescue dogs. Why would you assume we were rescue dogs?  Because we look like rescue dogs? I’ll take it.  Rescue dogs are special.  Was it because we were so well behaved even though we were pushed off our trail?  I’ll take it.  I’m not always good, but when I am, I am really good.  Plus, I didn’t want my legs bit off. I need them to run to pancakes.

Now, I am not sure if these were rescue dogs too or not.  I would be happy if they were and happier yet if they didn’t try to bite my legs off.  But this is my point.  I think I am Deputy Digby Pancake first and rescue dog second.   We are dogs.  Some are bad sometimes like our cousin Leroy, some are good like our cousin Cuddles and some are in a little in between like us.  We should all love each other and work together.  If someone needs space, give it to them.  If someone has 87 dogs on a trail, that is cool too.  Girl Person could have got mad they were trying to bite us.  The other people could have got mad because their dogs were mad.  But we all just wished each other a good day and kept going.  Let’s all try to love each other today. Do it the Digby Pancake way. And since I could not tell these dogs that I loved them on a trail…I’ll have to do it in a song…

-Deputy Digby Pancake



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