The Place Where You’re At


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  It’s been a great week so far in this Florida place.  Sure, it’s a bit windy and Sheriff Brickle is all in a tither because his corn dog tail and fur coat are a mess, but he will get over it.  One day.  Being cute is way easier than being handsome.  When you are cute like me, cute is cute whether you are a mess or not!  Whether you have pancakes on your mouth or syrup. Cute is just cute no matter what.

So I was thinking today.  Yes, I think sometimes of things besides pancakes.  It’s Wednesday, I have that thinking time scheduled in.  Anyway, as I was walking down one of our streets this morning on our walk, I thought, you know, we need to really appreciate this place where we are at.  I think that before, when we were in our old house, or even when we were in that California place, we didn’t really appreciate where we were at.  Seems as though we were always wondering and planning for what was next instead of really seeing where we were at the moment.  And I think we don’t need to do that.  Sure, it’s good to plan, especially when you must remember to add maple syrup to your grocery list, but if you are looking at that list the whole time in the grocery store, how are you going to see everything else that’s good in there like pancake mix and bacon?  So question.  Where is the place where YOU are at?  What do you appreciate about it?  Nope, I don’t wanna hear anything bad about it.  Like the fact you have cuckoo neighbors or potholes or spiders in your bathtub.  You don’t have spiders in your bathtub, right? Ok, so tell me what’s good about that place you are at.  I’ll start with ours.

I like that there are pancakes readily available.  I like that the ocean breeze is here but does not overpower the aroma of pancakes cooking.  I like that the dolphins come up to play and that they don’t try and steal my pancakes.  I like the manatees that visit too and the fact they are too big to come out of the ocean and eat my pancakes.  I like the sunset when it illuminates the pancakes on my plate.  I like that our Country Cousin Person loved us so much that she let us live here till April.  And I am going to love it the most I can until then.  Am I excited about what is next for our family? Sure I am, and I am not telling you about it yet by the way.  But for now, the place where I’m at is just fine by me. What about the place where YOU are at?

-Deputy Digby Pancake


3 thoughts on “The Place Where You’re At

  1. Barbara Stencel

    I love this Arizona place because there is so much sun and no pollution. I love that it’s nearly 70 in February! I love that my little dog person loves it too. I love that there is a fabulous dog park here and trails for us to walk! So what’s not to love?!

  2. Jelli,Abbey& Tootsie

    My place is spacious, well the YARDS anyway.But inside is a mess.Our girl person has boxes everywhere..the stuff is from “cleaning out cupboards” but its just in my way! So,I’ve started chewing on the boxes. Maybe they will collapse,and she will have to get rid of them! But she’s busy working and taking care of old folks,so were lucky to get our walks morning and evening..I entertain Abbey,and Abbey scolds me.But I love my sure beats the shelter! Still hate that water hose though..please ARREST it!

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