Travelin’ Man. I Mean, Mouse.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Well, it’s Friday.  And well.  We are in Provo, Utah.

We are making our way closer to some Idaho place with lots of potatoes.  But I have to wait until at least Monday before I get my hash browns.  Because we are stopping to rest.  We are stopping to regroup.  I ain’t in no hurry.  I can tell you that.

But we are also stopping to see if our hitch hiker, travelin’ man wants to get off at this stop. Travelin’ man.  I mean, mouse.

Apparently, we picked up this hitchhiker either in that Las Vegas, Nevada place or the National Park in Torrey, Utah.  And since we don’t know when he found his way in here, we don’t know what he has decided to make his all you can eat buffet.  And well, he better not mess with my pancakes.  I am serious about this.  Or my Utah scones that Girl Person made us.


Now.  What you do not know is that the persons left a little out of the mouse story the past week.  Because.  Well.  They have been pretty upset.  But since a few days have passed, and they have calmed down, they have allowed me to tell you about it.


As we were camping in the desert last week, Sheriff Brickle wanted to sit outside.  That is his favorite thing to do lately as he polices a new place every week.  Girl Person thought that he wanted a drink, so she brought him out a cup of water.  And as she walked away, she got distracted and starting washing dishes.  Boy Person was outside, and all of a sudden, Girl Person saw him running across the desert with the cup of water.  She came outside and there he was.  Trying to revive a mouse that had fallen into the cup of water. And drowned.  Girl Person started crying that she was a murderer.  And Boy Person tried to revive the mouse.  For an hour.  As you probably know by now, the mouse didn’t make it.  And as the persons felt sad, Boy Person said his only hope was that the mouse could help another animal live by being a meal.  A circle of life or something he said.

Now.  I want to know what the circle of life for a pancake is.  It seems to stop with me.  But for a mouse, it makes me pretty sad.  And when we found another mouse…under our house on the same day…we could only assume that they were missing each other.  And it is now our goal to find Mr. Mouse so that he can go to a new house, but he keeps stealing the peanut butter and getting out.  And you also guessed, Sheriff Brickle is not happy to be sharing his peanut butter.


A travelin’ man, I mean mouse, is in our house.  And we have to find him.  If he doesn’t like peanut butter, I know he won’t like pancakes.  Because I am not sharing.  So travelin’ man?  While we are parked here in Provo, Utah until Monday, it is time for you to pack it up.  And move on.  We regret what happened to your friend, but you now have a chance to start anew.  If you need help packing, just let me know.  After a year on the road, I am pretty good at it.  We don’t know when we are headed back to that Florida place, so don’t be trying to hitch a ride back there to go to Disney World. That mouse job is already taken. And if you like camping so much, why don’t you stay here…it’s a nice campground.  I promise.  You would be very happy here!


Now.  As you may remember, Girl Person was supposed to make a separate trip to another shelter in this Utah place called Best Friends.  Well, it is a 4 hour drive, and let me just tell you.  Girl Person is not feeling so well.  We had our rescue visit with Colorful Country Animal Welfare this week, so we are going to continue showing  you what they do on our Facebook page thru the weekend.  We feel that they need our help more than a larger shelter.  And that has been our goal on this whole trip…to show the smaller organizations across the country who contribute to the big picture.  And we thank them for that.


For once, the persons actually have started to know their limits.  Like when I need a nap, I know to take a nap.  Girl Person is on the verge of a breakdown because she is so very tired.  And Sheriff Brickle laid down the law.  He told her she could not leave us today to make that trip.  He told her that she and the mouse in our house were going to stay right here.  Or else.  And she actually listened, but she hopes the fans understand.  We promise to tell you in our article and video next Sunday on Utah how the small rescue we picked works with Best Friends to save lives.  And it will be great. She also hopes the fans understand we are sorry about the mouse in the desert.  But we will make sure his friend gets out safe.  We love you all and happy Friday.  It’s the weekend!  Monday, it is on to Idaho.  But for now, Utah, you have us…and a mouse.  Can you bring us some more peanut butter? We are kinda running low.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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In Her Pocket

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Well, Utah, you probably already know that you are on the verge of getting arrested from yesterday’s antics. Rain. Then snow. Snow. We are from that Florida place. Do you think we love snow? No.

Now, sometimes, you put up with certain things when someone is really good looking. You know, like me. And Utah, you are certainly good looking as well. Which is the only reason I have not arrested you as of yet. You bring out my brindle beauty and coat of many colors. And so I am giving you a few more days to make it up to us.


If you wanted to make it up to us, you started off on the right track by allowing us to drive thru another one of your National Parks called Arches National Park.

Again, your beauty was making me look even better.  But then you started raining.  And raining some more.  And we were cold.  Real cold.  And tired.  But I couldn’t go to sleep because there was too much to look at.  I know that is how everyone feels about me too.  Point taken.

But after our long day of driving thru snow and rain, it was time for dinner and a walk.  Girl Person made our chicken and green bean dinner which I thought was pretty brave on her part again, and then it was time to take a walk next to the Green River.  Which again made me think of grean beans.  Oh, Digby.


As she reached in her pocket for some dog bags, she remembered that she had left some dog treats in her pocket.  And then, all of a sudden, she started crying.  And I was utterly confused as to why dog treats could make someone cry.  Bad dog treats, yes.  But good ones?  What was the problem?

Girl Person explained to me that in her pocket were memories.  She explained to me that her Pappy used to carry dog treats in his pocket. All. The. Time.  And he used to sing to her a song, which she remembered all of a sudden standing at the Green River in Utah.  And that was far from her memories back home.

Girl Person told me that for years, no one could figure out why so many dogs loved him and ran up to him for no reason.  Oh, but there was a reason. Dog treats. In his pocket. She said that sometimes memories can come out of nowhere and make you remember things that you try to push back.  And something as small as dog treats in her pocket made her feel too much.  Made her realize that the further away she gets from home, it just doesn’t matter.  Memories go with you wherever you are.  Miles don’t matter.  And even though her Pappy hasn’t been here for years, even before she lost Granny Person, it is like he is still with her. Even at the Green River in Utah.

Now, one thing I will say about dogs is that we like to live in the moment.  It is not often that we remember the bad things, especially if there is so much good happening now.  And that is what I want Girl Person to know. Dog treats in her pocket are good.  Very good.  They make her remember her Pappy who she loved.  They make dogs happy. And my suggestion is that she always have some in her pocket.  Memories go with you everywhere.  And the good ones…are well….good.  And instead of remembering what you may have lost, just for right now, remember what you had.  And carry it with you.  Don’t try and forget them. Also, make sure Digby doesn’t know what you have in your pocket. He will never leave you alone.

Today, we are headed towards Salt Lake City, Utah, so back on the road again.  Are you coming?  We have plenty of treats in our pockets!

Two drifters, off to see the world
There’s such a lot of world to see
We’re after the same rainbow’s end, waitin’ ’round the bend
My huckleberry friend, moon river, and me

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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