You Don’t Have Mail.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Have you ever had such a great weekend that you don’t want the week to start?  Maybe it’s just me.  This weekend was just what we all needed.   Utah place?  Thank you.

We met new friends and got to relax. We did not meet the Osmonds. I am not upset about that. What. In. The. World.

Utah’s beautiful scenery was just what I ordered.  And I didn’t even have to look in the mirror that much.


If there was ever a place that inspired us to relax, it was here.  You look up at the snow covered mountains, see cows and horses enjoying life, and you think that you have been here before.  But only in your dreams.

Since we have been trying to cover large distances lately, it has been awhile since we parked for a few days.  And after about night three of this relaxing thing, we actually got into a routine.


We started getting up at a certain time every morning, taking a walk, eating some breakfast.  Then the persons would do some work while Deputy Digby and I laid in the sun. What they worked hardest on was their Stop Hounding Me episode for Nevada with Vegas Shepherd Rescue.


But after they were done working, then we would come inside for a little while, eat lunch, take a nap and lay out in the sun some more before dinner.



Once upon a time when we had a house that was not on wheels, it would be about this time that Girl Person would go and check the mail at our mailbox.

So last night, as she was feeding us, she started walking out to the road.


Then she stopped.  And she looked at us and told us that she was losing it.  Seems as though her brain was thinking that this was home now because we had been here three nights.  Three.  Nights. Girl Person?  We do not have a mailbox.  Newsflash.  You. Don’t. Have. Mail.


Rest may be what we needed, but it sure didn’t make Girl Person any smarter.  The only mail I want to get anyway are arrest reports.  And maybe one day, we will have a mailbox again.  We did learn however that routine can sometimes be comforting.  We started to remember what life was like before this Adventure Of A Lifetime, and it made us wonder if we did want a mailbox with a house again.  But until we finish what we promised that we would, we will enjoy the rest of this journey starting with Idaho next!  We will miss you, Utah. We had a seriously great time.  Almost as great of a time as I have arresting. Five more states to go! Five more rescues to go! So are you coming with us?  Don’t mail me your answer.  I don’t have a mailbox.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Next Sunday, we will be sharing with you our rescue visit and video for Utah and Color Country Animal Welfare.  So….don’t miss it!!

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  1. Brenda Scott Carroll

    Hi baby boys! Love y’all to the moon and back! Y’all cannot go to the moon though!

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