Don’t Worry, Baby

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. This week? It was definitely better than dealing with the fires last week. We want to let you know though that there are still fires burning here, and many people still here fighting these fires. We are still thanking them too. They have worked hard and for many, many days.

Don’t worry baby
Everything will turn out alright

This past week was still hard for California, and many parts, although recovering, were still having many problems. But we could feel a sense of normalcy start to occur in the air. And the people here were so happy about it. Has it ever felt so good to be normal? I don’t know how to be normal, but when it is in the air, the persons say that sometimes that is a very good thing. Daily activities were happening like people shopping and driving places. Some people were going to restaurants and we even saw some people on vacation on the beach. It wasn’t that people forgot about the fires, but they had to get a little bit of worry off of their plate and more pancakes on it. That is at least what I wanted. Or to step in horse poop. Either one worked for me this week.

In fact, the worry seemed to keep trickling a little bit further and further. We know that it will be a very long time until a full normal day happens here in Sonoma County. For the people rebuilding and the volunteers still trying to help, it will be a long journey back to a completely normal place.


You know that usually we do not like rain, but when it started raining yesterday, we felt like the tears of all of the people here in California were pouring down. It was the start of healing. We felt it. And our worry? We still feel it. The people here still feel it. But when you talk to them, they are happy, just because of a normal day. And it feels good.


It is easy to tell someone not to worry when that someone isn’t you. Sometimes you can see a silver lining for someone else, but you can’t see it for yourself. For us, we see the strength of the people in this county and all of the firefighters and officers and so many others that helped them to get to this point. But when it comes down to it, we all have to make our own silver lining, no matter what the circumstances. No one else can do it for us.

We see in an instance how things can go wrong, but when you see people appreciating a normal day, it makes those normal days so wonderful. Because everyday is a gift with it’s own wrapping. Some days, you think that whoever wrapped that present used too much wrapping paper, and it is taking you forever to get to the present. But then you ignore the beautiful paper…and isn’t half the fun working towards whatever gift you want?

I think that usually that is the case unless you are waiting on pancakes to be made. In that case, I say get to the pancakes. And if you feel like that, sometimes, you have to toss aside whatever is standing in your way to get to some normalcy. Like you have to forget about the work you have to do. It will be there tomorrow. You have to forget about that bill you can’t pay. Oh, it will be there tomorrow. But don’t forget about the good staring right in front of you that may not be there tomorrow. Sheriff Brickle would say you can’t forget about responsiblities, and I am not sure i agree with that because I sure can forget about responsibilities pretty easily. But what you do have to do sometimes is prioritize and shuffle stuff around. Just like the people of Sonoma County are having to do.

They may have lost their homes, but they appreciate they made it out with their lives. They may have lost their clothes, but their furkids made it out with them. They may have lost everything. But they now have an appreciation for normal they did not have before, and we hear many people saying that this has made them think of what they do need to change in their lives to be happy. We stand in awe of them and we love them so much.

And if you knew how much I loved you
Baby nothing could go wrong with you

And for those who are not ready to see the silver lining yet? We understand that too. Because sometimes, it takes awhile. And we know they will find it.

Worry is a heavy burden. Many people wake up with it, or go to sleep with it. Dogs have it easy in that regards. My belly only worries what is for dinner, or breakfast, or a snack. People seem to worry about worrying. So I say today? Take a break. See your silver lining. It is there if you look for it.

Stay tuned to see where we are headed…or if we are headed out on Monday! Why? We don’t know yet. We aren’t going to worry about it today.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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The Eye Of The Tiger. Or Glare.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  You may not believe this…but if looks could kill, well, I suggest you never look at my picture again.


If adoration was what I was looking for today, it would be just like any other day.  But today feels a little different.  The air feels a little cleaner.  A little less dry.  A lot less smokey.  And the past week and a half feels like a blur.

It’s the eye of the tiger
It’s the thrill of the fight
Rising up to the challenge of our rival

There comes a time where you have to brush the dust off of your feet or the ashes out of your shoes and realize that you are thankful.  We see all of the families that lost their homes, lost loved ones, lost furkids. And the fire affected even people and furkids beyond that in this California place.  For those of us who were not in the direct path of the fires, the worry, the constant “should we stay or should we go” daily question stressed us out.  And yes, it even stressed out me and Deputy.  So when we woke up this morning, and felt a chill in the air, and fog in the air, we felt relieved.  Were things going to get better now?  For the past week, I have been crying in my sleep, Deputy Digby has had a tummy ache, and Girl Person has nightmares.  Boy Person tries to keep us all together, and today, well, we just have sorta crashed.  But this is needed.  Why?  Because we have to pull ourselves together.  We feel inspired.  And the people in Sonoma County are inspiring us to move forward.  They are picking up the pieces of their lives.  And this depression monster that got us with uncertainty last week?  I am looking it directly in the face.  I am glaring  directly in its face.  After a nap.

Rising up, back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet
Just a man and his will to survive


In my humble opinion if I was humble, I figure that we have two choices.  The first is to keep being scared and not make any decisions about when or if we are going to that Florida place on November 1st.  Or second, we could do something.  I say do something.  This tiger says rise up.  Stop making excuses that you are scared of a wrong decision.  Because no decision is the wrong one.

Life is about simple choices.  The persons try and make it complicated.  And they do as great of a job at it as I do being handsome.  But not as good of a job as smelling as bad as Digby. That is an aspiration rarely achieved.


All of the indecision, looking at houses, figuring out money, the lack of money, where we want to be…over and over and over again has been exhausting.  But what does it come down to? For Girl Person she had only one thought after a couple of nights ago.

Some may think she is crazy.  And some may think we act crazy.  But all of a sudden, it hit the persons at the same time like a wisp of air from Digby.  Or gust.  We.  Need.  A.  Yard.  End.  Of.  Story.

So many times it happens too fast
You trade your passion for glory
Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive

So.  Girl Person made a plan in her head and listened to it over the sound of fire engine sirens.  We were going to have to do something.  And soon.  Me and Digby deserve a yard and a peaceful street to walk on.  And it has to be soon.  We have been patient enough.  48 states and 48 rescues took us a long time.  And it was fun.  But whether we stay in this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV or not, we have to have a yard, and time is a wasting.  We are open now.  If the right yard comes up in California? We come back from Florida. If it is in Florida once we get there, we stay.  Why? Digby and I don’t care what state we are in if we have what we need.

Hanging tough, staying hungry
They stack the odds still we take to the street 

How can such a big decision be based on something so simple? Because it is that simple.  Life is simple, but we don’t hear what our hearts tell us.  My heart tells me every day to arrest everyone, and usually my heart is right.  And fires?  This goes without saying, and I haven’t said it because I didn’t even want to talk to you.  But YOU. ARE. ARRESTED.  I’m glaring at you.  And you don’t mess with the stare of a tiger.

For us, the past week was nothing at all compared to the people in the path of the fires directly.  And we just want to say to everyone in California, we are so proud of you.  We knew this place was special.  But it is the most special place in the world to us.  Sonoma will forever be our inspiration to be better people and furkids. And it will be an inspiration for us to live our lives and appreciate the simple things that are always there for us to notice. Now..we just need to notice where our yard is.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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