The Little Things Make Life Delicious

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Oh, people always say it is the little things in life that makes things worth living.  I agree with that.  Except a big peanut butter cookie is generally better than a little peanut butter cookie.  I always have a but.  Except I don’t.


Sometimes, Girl Person says she wonders how she missed so many of those little things in her life.  Like yesterday, when she walked outside to take out the trash, she looked down and wondered what all these chewed up things were all over the ground.  She looked closer at one in particular.  It was like she had never laid her eyes upon a pine cone.

You know, we know pine trees.  In fact, our family had a whole field of them in that Florida place.  But we never saw anything bother the pine cones, or certainly not eat them.  But here, all these pine corns were.


Left like a night after an all you can eat buffet with no limit on plates. Someone had a party when were inside.  And we were not invited.  Girl Person said that she questioned whether she would have noticed them, even a few years ago.  She wondered and questioned what other things she had missed.

But I knew that I certainly had not missed my calling as a pine nut butter sales dog.  I liked my name just fine.


But then I started thinking about it and I knew. Someone loved the nuts in these pine cones as much as I loved peanut butter.  How was that possible?

I knew that the lovers of said pine cones were perhaps the same lovers and stealers of bird seed.  Yes, the gray, eastern squirrel here in this Myrtle Beach, South Carolina place. Seems as if they are everywhere.  And with so many pine cones for them to crack open and find the pine nuts, I can’t say that I blame them. So I won’t say it.

But Girl Person told me that as much as these squirrels loved these nuts, she was sure that she had not ever really thought about what a pine cone was and what it did.

Well, me neither.

The truth is, and I always tell the truth, that there are so many more little things around us put together than big things.


And when we only see something at a glance, and don’t truly look at it like the pine cone, and who needs the pine cone to live, that is a dern shame as Granny Person used to say.


Only seeing what is in front of us is not respectful.  Because it means we think that we are more important, because we are one big thing than all the little things put together.

So as usual, travel has taught us something else.  That even though we used to see a million pine cones on the ground, we never gave a second thought to what they were.  But a few on the ground, even though broken and chewed up like an apple core taught us more.  Quality over quantity they always say.  Again, who these they people are that always says stuff, I don’t know.  But they have this one right.


I think for persons, it is easier for them not to notice the little things.  If they had to stop, and actually have feelings, many could not do it.  They go, go, go.  It is easier to not feel.  It is easier to not see the little things that make you feel less important.  But if we want to be better, we have to do it.

So, thank you pine cone and your pine nut butter lovers for the lesson.  We will need to appreciate the little things today. And we are going to try and keep them in mind. Yes. Yes. The weekend is over.  And so? That means today, we are back on the road.  We are a bit, if not a lot nervous about driving.  The Big Blue Treat Wagon has not been the most reliable team player lately.  Although we understand the reason behind the troubles, that the Big Blue Treat Wagon is tired, it still is not easy to handle.  Being nervous, in anticipation of something nerve wracking is not fun.  But the little things in life going on all around us that could care less about the Big Blue Treat Wagon?  Well, they are what life is about.  And they are what make life as delicious as a peanut butter cookie.  Well, not as much.  But close.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Give A Little Bit

This is Jax. Yes, I know. It’s been awhile since I last wrote to you. But I have been busy.  Getting used to riding in this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV is bumpy.  It is full of drama when things break. Every day.

And I would have liked to write to you earlier, but the Sheriff seems to think that his limelight is more important than a little lemonlight for me.  But after yesterday, the Sheriff decided that I definitely should be given a little time to talk to you. He needed a day off.  Deputy Digby took the day off.  And as Colonel, sometimes, you have to step in.

I have been planning all week to go shopping.  But earlier in the week, our air conditioning in this place started smoking, the refrigerator was only jogging and not running, and the mosquitos literally were carrying us all away.  Did I mention that I am light as a feather?  Digby had nothing to worry about.  So every day I waited.  Was this going to be the day that I could go shopping with Girl Person?  A fan and friend had sent me something called a gift certificate to take to the store.  Girl Person said that I could pick out anything I wanted.  I literally was beside myself.  I used to be stuck in that Claw Machine, and I was the one who people were shopping for.  But now.  Now, I got to do the shopping.  Girl Person loaded me up in the car and off we went.


In this Myrtle Beach, South Carolina place, going five miles means five years.  But I definitely wasn’t complaining.  This was my time.  My trip. I took in all the sights, and as we pulled up to the store, I wondered. Could I really do this?


Here I was, about to go into a store to do some shopping, but I didn’t have anything to wear.  Girl Person said that the first thing we were going to do was find a collar for me.  To make me official.  And wow.  Did we ever.  I never dreamed when I was in that box coming over from China or in that Claw Machine, or falling off that cruise ship that I would ever be ok.  But as I looked at the colors available for me for my collar, and I saw blue, I knew it.  Blue was the color of the waves that washed me ashore to Brickle and Digby. And it was perfect.  I was going to be a real dog. Just like Brickle and Digby.


But that was not all.  We walked up and down the aisles, and as I tried to hide from the prying eyes of the stuffed animals who still didn’t have homes yet, I tried to find the best treats.  I didn’t know what they would like, so we bought many kinds.  I guess you could argue that I am not a real dog because I can’t eat, but let me tell you.  I eat a lot in my mind all day long.  Pizza and pupcorn and steak and eggs are at every meal for me.  So I am the fortunate one.  I can always eat whatever I think of and whatever I want.  Today, I had spaghetti and meatballs and chicken piccata.  But this wasn’t about me.  I wanted to thank the Sheriff and the Deputy for saving me.  And I had a bag of treats to show my thanks.  It was the least I could do.  And I knew.  I just knew.  They were really going to like my new collar too. This giving thing? This was fun stuff.

We checked out and didn’t pay a dime thanks to Aunt Fran, and we were on our way.  The truth was, I never had given anyone a surprise.  Sure, you can tell by my tongue that surprise is my middle name.  Because life is a surprise.  But I was a bit nervous.  The Sheriff can be hard to please, and if the Sheriff isn’t pleased, ain’t no one pleased.  So I asked Girl Person to drive a little slower.

As we pulled into camp and up to the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, I got my stuff and Girl Person brought the boys out, and all I can say is that they were really happy.  Really.  Happy.


At first, Sheriff Brickle could not even look past my collar.  I thought that he would think I was trying to be more handsome than he was.  But nope.  Sheriff Brickle gave me a lick, gave my collar the once over (twice) and gave me his paw of approval.  I suppose that all the treats made that happen.  But I did not question it.  Because you see, when you give a gift, and the recipient says thank you, well, that is even better than the gift.


I know that it is not everyday that a dog like me gets rescued.  I know that people keep making stuffed dogs when there a perfectly good ones out there to be adopted.  But to know that I found my home, even if it is on wheels, makes me feel as good as my tongue is long.  Two rescue dogs named Brickle and Digby made a difference for me.  And now, with my new collar, I feel like I can do anything.  Because I am now part of a family.  And I will never have to ride a wave again unless I am on a surfboard.  Which may happen, I think.

I used to think because I was small, that I had nothing to give.

I used to think because I was stuffed with cotton that I had no heart.  But the truth is, every one of us has something to give someone else today.  A kind word.  An encouraging thought.  A simple thank you.  Or maybe a new collar.  That too.


Yes, I know that I still have a lot to learn.  But one thing is for sure.  Whatever ride or path my family takes, I will go with them.  And Monday we are headed to New Bern, North Carolina.  Now, let me be the first to tell you.  We aren’t sure how much further this Big Blue Treat Wagon can take us.  We are nervous about breaking down.  We are a little scared.  But we have made the commitment to do this until the end of the year for the rescue animals out there who have a story.  And for Digby who wants to go to the mountains. We are trying to get there, Digby.  But the beautiful part of this No Path Path is that we can change directions or even stop if we have to.  Because as long as we continue to give our all, things will work out.  I know this to be true.  And I know I look good in my new collar.

-Colonel Jax

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