It’s Not Easy Being Green…On Your Head… In the Middle Of The Night

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I am all of the time getting blamed for things that I do when I do them.  For example, or examples, peeing on the Sheriff’s head when we go hiking.  Howling at vultures who cross our path, or UPS drivers, or generally the general public.  I also get blamed for rolling in deer poop when I roll in deer poop or walking in mud puddles on purpose.  But I have never been blamed for jumping on Boy Person’s head in the middle of a stormy night and croaking.  I left that to the bull frog.  And Ribbit The RV Frog did a mighty good job of it, I might add, because I added it.

Many persons says that rain relaxes them when they go to sleep at night.

Well, perhaps they have never been in a leaking RV with the Sheriff panting like a hyena and closed in like sardines with the slide outs in.  If that is relaxing, I didn’t catch the news brief from the Sheriff because he was too busy freaking out.  But on a night like that, all you can do is try to be the bark of reason.  So as I went to sleep on my makeshift kitchen table bed, I heard him.  Croak.  Croak.  Croak.


Now, I have heard frogs before.  I grew up in this Florida place.  And I know they like to sing, and be happy and eat bugs and the such.  They are just being a frog as frogs do best. I wouldn’t say that they lose their cool.  Or that they freak out like Sheriff Brickle was doing with the lightening and thunder.

No, this frog was croaking and croaking, and I thought that maybe he was inside the RV and not outside.  But trying to ignore all of the freaking out in the RV and having a full belly of frozen yogurt pops and matzo, I decided to go to sleep.  I always decide to go to sleep.  Girl Person wasn’t immune to the freakouts.  When the RV gets shut up, she feels shut in, and she goes to the roomiest place in the tube which is on the couch.  Boy Person decided his only spot to go was the bed and he was tired too.  He apparently didn’t hear the croaking, and who am I to tell someone that there is croaking if they don’t think that it is important enough to hear?

Boy Person was all tired and stuff, and I heard the snoring.  And then I heard the croaking.  Louder and louder.  This frog had something to say, and he was saying it, but no one was listening to him. Not even the Sheriff, who by this time was hiding under Girl Person’s feet. He wasn’t even paying attention to Ribbit the RV Frog and his thoughts on world peace, fast food or organic vegetables.  Yes, he was really talking about all of that and more, and no one was listening.  He was getting sad about it.  I felt like he had really prepared for his speech and the ambiance of the rain was also well planed.  His audience was not paying attention though.

When you are on a makeshift kitchen table bed, and you think about getting down to listen to a frog’s speech in the middle of the night, you second guess that because you are too lazy to do so.  Also, he had no pancakes.  So Ribbit decided that the best way to get the persons to pay attention to him was to wake them up.  That was probably a good start.  This was better than a late, late show!

So as Boy Person snored, I thought that maybe, just maybe, this speech was about to get good.  I heard snoring, but then I heard croaking, and then..the croaking stopped.  The snoring stopped.  And the screaming started.  This frog knew how to thrill an audience, and I wished that I had thought to get extra butter on my popcorn.  Or syrup.  Because as Boy Person woke up with a frog on his head in the middle of a stormy night, all I could hear was screaming.  More screaming.  And jumping.  But it wasn’t Ribbit that was jumping.  No, Boy Person can move fast when he wants to.  He had jumped so high that by now, even the Sheriff had forgot about the thunder.  The raindrops had maybe stopped falling.  But the frog certainly hadn’t.

As the frog fell off Boy Person’s head and right onto the bed, he started doing jumping dances back and forth across Girl Person’s pillow.  If I am the one that always gets blamed for peeing on stuff, well, now I had competition from this eloquent, croaking speech giving frog.  Boy Person had now determined that his best way to get this speech and performance stopped was to give him proper applause and show him out the window.  He chased him, he jumped from him and he screamed just a little more or a lot.  You guess.  Finally, Ribbit the RV Frog jumped onto the mirror to see just how good his performance was, Boy Person caught him in a cup, wished him well, and out he went.  Just as quick as the croaking had started and the highlight of the performance had reached its peak, it was over.  And I still had no popcorn.

I can imagine that Ribbit the Rv Frog was quite amused with himself and well, he should have been.  A performance was given like no other. He deserved an award.

They say the show must go on.  And I can only imagine that Ribbit the RV Frog will be booked for years on his performances, far and wide.  He can always say that he got his big break in the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  And we will always say that we knew him when.  When he jumped on Boy Person’s head.

Sometimes, we may think no one is listening to us.  We may try our best, and do our best and it seems like it is not worth anything to anyone.  But if we can make ourselves proud, isn’t that what counts? Ribbit the RV Frog croaked before he met us, and he will continue to be his best.  No matter if anyone hears him, he knows he makes beautiful music.  And you do too.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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