The First Impression

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Oh, the art of a first impression.  Seeing me everyday is pretty much always like a first impression.  Because at first, you think, wow, I have not ever been privileged to see a dog that handsome.  Then you realize that maybe you have met me before.  But then seeing me again is like the first time.  I get it.  I sympathize with that.

But as great as a first impression I give, Deputy Digby may need to work on his a bit.


As you know, every day is Hump Day to Digby.  No matter where we are, what we are doing or how much he embarrasses the persons.  Not my monkey. Not my circus.  Don’t go to the circus by the way.  But.  That’s another story.  As we were walking on the beach last night, finally without any rain, we saw many shells.  Many beautiful shells washed up from the big storms.  We even got to meet some crabs and say hello.


But as were walking, out of nowhere, we saw a bubble on the sand.  A kind of balloon looking creature I suppose that you could say.  And Girl Person thought that it was fake.  How could something be this beautiful?  She had been in this Florida place for a very long time.  And this was a first time for her seeing such a sight.


Have you ever looked at something so gorgeous that it doesn’t seem real?  Obviously, the answer is yes.


So, as Girl Person always does, she thinks that something needs her help.  Here this beautiful creature was, who Girl Person thought was a jellyfish, that she decided needed rescuing.  Trying to keep Digby and I away from it wasn’t an easy task as she found a stick, waded into the ocean, and guided it back in.  But folks?  This was not a jellyfish. This creature’s name was Man O’ War.  That is not a jellyfish.

Now.  I am all about learning.  I am all about beauty.  I am all about learning how beautiful I am.


But this was a new one to all of us.  After watching the news that evening, and telling Boy Person about a beautiful jellyfish, it became apparent that the jellyfish was actually a Man O’ War that had been washed up from the big storm.  Also, we learned that he could sting you for even three weeks after being beached.  Also, we learned that we still would have done the same thing to help him.

You may wonder why anyone would try and help a creature that could harm them.  You may wonder if in fact it is worth the trouble.  Worth your time.  But what if someone felt the same way about you?  What if you needed help some day?  What if others had to put themselves out to help you, or stop in traffic? What if no one cared, but just walked by?  Have you ever been in that situation?  Did you ever feel like a Man O’ War beached on the ocean’s sand?

Because everything plays a role in how our earth and our world functions, nothing is less important just because it can be harmful to something else.  But we have to respect it.  They are just trying to survive, as we all are.

The ocean and the water and the sand have a way of making you reflect on life, and how much each life means.  You see, when it comes down to it, who is scarier?  A Man O’ War or persons ruining the earth?  Who of us is in too much of a hurry to stop and help a crab get back into the waves?  Who of us is in too much of a hurry to help a Man O’ War?  Who of us is in too much of a hurry to look at me?  Slow down.

You see, the first impression of this beautiful creature on the ocean made us stop.  It made us appreciate.  Let your first impression to something that needs your help be the most important impression that you can give.  Otherwise, one day we will miss the creatures we are scared of when their beauty is gone.  And we don’t want that to ever happen.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Puddle Wonderful

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Well, some may say that it doesn’t feel good when you pee on a light pole and get shocked.  Some may say that.  I will say that.


Some may also say that they don’t feel so good after such an occurrence.  But I think that my reset button just got pressed.  All of a sudden, I am more cuter.  I am hungrier.  And I want more pancakes.  That reset button just feels like a normal Tuesday.  Thank you all for your concern.  It was quite a scare for everyone, and in case you are wondering, yes,  you can send me a bouquet of pancakes.


Some may also say that days of storms and rain have us all a little stir crazy.  Which is the reason why we decided to walk off our moods at the beach.  But to get to the beach, you have to walk thru the campground, even if it is raining.  Because you do what you gotta do.  And after so much rain, it looks like you would expect it to.  Full of mud and dirt and lots and lots of puddles. And apparently, when you walk thru puddles you are supposed not to like that.  Who does not like that?

“A frog would leap from a throne of gold into a puddle.”


When persons don’t make sense, I call them out on it.  In fact, not only do I snap them into reality by being myself, but my intentions are to make them be themselves, without all of the worries or cares or concerns.  Because simply put, life is not as complicated as they make it.  Finding joy, even in puddles is necessary.  Otherwise, what do you really have in life?

“Childhood is that state which is the moment a puddle is first viewed as an obstacle instead of an opportunity.”


Can you imagine for a moment if you were a puddle?  You found yourself in the best hole, and you were a big puddle.  You were just being the best puddle that you could be.  People would walk by and look at their reflections.  But maybe they were the reflection of who actually was in the puddle.  I actually have no idea what that means.

“Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you’re just a reflection of him?”


But, if for but a moment, a puddle could be walked thru or jumped over, that puddle, was but if for a second, a time that you could be a kid, or a puppy again.  Because in life, there are simple, lovely, wonderful things like puddles.

Sometimes, people only seeing having to clean us dogs up, or the nuisance of obstacles like a puddle that is in their way.  But if you care to get your feet wet, but not while peeing on a light pole, that is when you don’t have to worry.  You didn’t let the worries win.

“Imagine a puddle waking up one morning and thinking, ” This is an interesting world I find myself in, an interesting hole I find myself in; fits me rather neatly, doesn’t it? In fact it fits me staggeringly well! It must have been made to have me in it!”


That light pole may have shocked some sense even into Sheriff Brickle.  As he was worried about me, when he realized I was ok, that puddle that had blocked our path became not a puddle that he was concerned about getting his paws dirty in.  But he ran through it to get me home with a happy dance that I haven’t seen in awhile.  He danced through that puddle.  And that puddle, right at that moment was wonderful.  A true wonderland.

When you have a chance to appreciate the puddles in life by dancing thru them, or jumping over them, or splashing through them, do it.  And if the ones that you love, and the ones that love you jump in with you, all the better.

Our world tries to distract us with nonsense, trying to make us think that even puddles aren’t important.  But the real world is wonderful, full of puddles and mud and wonderful. But also, don’t pee on a light pole in the puddle.  I just want to emphasize that.  Otherwise, jump in!

“Sometimes the whole world is mud luscious and puddle wonderful”

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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