Let’s Get Lost

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever felt lost? Have you ever been lost?

As we were walking in the forest here at Cedars Of Lebanon State Park, we followed the path of many trails.

There are lots of trails here to choose from. So many in fact, it’s important that you watch the signs and take notice of the colors that have been painted on the trees. Each trail has a different color. So if you lose your way, you can look for the colors. But what happens if you can’t actually find the colors on the trees? Then what?

That’s what happened to us yesterday. We got off the trail to take a picture, and when we went to continue to our hike, we couldn’t tell where we were or where the trail started. Everything looked the same.

That’s when Girl Person said we needed to take a breath and just sit still for a moment and think. There are a lot of sinkholes around here too. And you have to be more than careful. If you fall, you are gonna be stuck down there for awhile. And if you’re like Girl Person, you may have forgotten to charge your phone.

But once we sat there for a moment, and stopped worrying that we were lost, we looked up. We looked around. We were all alone except for the trees and the forest. We were able to hear ourselves breathe. The sky seemed bluer. The forest seemed more alive. Everything was vivid and real. And we knew that even though we were lost, we had found a bit of peace. And we were happy to be lost.

Even though being lost made us feel more alive and grateful, we knew we couldn’t stay lost forever. We had breakfast to eat. So we concentrated. It seemed we were better able to do that once we had regrouped. And we finally found our way again.

Yes. We had lost time, and breakfast was a bit later. But we weren’t sorry about it. Being lost may seem like a mistake sometimes. Just like when we feel lost in life. The persons have been feeling like that lately. Very lost. So lost that they find it impossible to get back on track. Have you ever felt like that?

Life has a way of twisting and turning and leading us on paths we don’t want to be on. Sometimes we do get lost and we can’t find our way. We all have those times.

Don’t feel you are alone. What can lead you back to where you truly want to go? You only know that. So stop. Get lost so you can find your way again.

It may be scary and hard. It may cause you to doubt your strength. But you have it. We all do. Find it.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Got To Be Real

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. It’s been a hard few days at camp. I’ve got to be real. I don’t know how to be anything else.

It was a hard few days not because of the weather or the RV problems. It wasn’t that Boy Person got that headache thing again. No. It was because we found more animals in need at camp.

It was cold. Real cold. Some other campers didn’t know where the dog and cats belonged either.  And we’ve been worried. Real worried. Sometimes, caring is hard. I have to real about that. Sometimes ignoring problems are easier. But it’s never the right thing to do.

We spent time trying to find rescues to help and we were very happy that the persons who live here in the area tried to offer assistance. Persons think that the animal control place is always bad news.

But the bad news is that there has to be an animal control in the first place. I don’t want to go there. I’ve been there before. But in this case, Sheriff Brickle told us the law here was that any dogs or cats who are found have to go there first. And then the rescues can help them after a certain amount of days. And so when animal control came to help the dog at camp, they found her owners. And they have given them a chance to make things right. We trust animal control to do the right thing. Because we know they care. And we always hope that people can change the way they think and do things.

As you can see, for us, traveling full-time isn’t always about sight seeing. Traveling full time isn’t always about the destination.

It’s realizing that you have a responsibility to do what you can if you can. No matter if you are somewhere for a day or your whole life. Even though we’ve had places we’ve wanted to see so far this week, there was nothing more importance than finding help for the animals. Nothing. Not a museum. Not a show. Not even a trail.


We have plenty more time to see the sights here. But it’s going to take us a few days to feel ok. You see, caring is the right thing. But it still affects those who do. It affects some in different ways. Some get mad. Some cry. Some try to change things for the future and to use examples that happen to learn from. And hopefully tell others. And that’s what I think we should do.


We are going to call our camping animal friends cedars because we are camping at the Cedars Of Lebanon State Park.

You see, cedar trees smell wonderful. They grow tall. And cedar trees grow fast.

We hope for the animals here that they will smell like success with owners who grow to realize their importance. Or new adopters that come to love them.

We hope that they continue to blossom and grow tall in confidence. That others will step up for them if need to and support their growth. We will think positive. And we hope that their most special season is to come.

And we thank all the animals in all the different campgrounds that we have found lately. What do they teach us? That caring is hard. But when others see that you care, they know it’s ok if they do too. Be an example. You’ve got to be real with yourself. It won’t be easy. But it will be right.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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