The Entertainers

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. When I was a stray dog, all alone in a big city, I had to fend for myself. I had to look out for myself. I had to provide for myself. I didn’t have very many luxuries.

Not all the luxuries that persons do for sure. Like water at the flip of a switch and electricity that makes a lot of things in their houses work.

Even our house on wheels.

So yesterday, when there was a big storm in this West Virginia place and we didn’t have any of that electricity stuff, it was hard to do a lot of things. Like clean and cook. Like look at things on the phone and computer things. And the persons found out that they had to entertain themselves. The persons became their own entertainers. And it wasn’t particularly easy for them.

I am very entertaining. I make myself laugh. I make my own fun. I’ve been used to doing that all of my life.

Brickle is also very good at entertaining himself. He even gets more grumpy if he has to in order to keep being entertained.

But persons find it very hard to be in silence. Persons find it hard to be without distractions. Persons find it very hard to be comfortable with their own company. And it’s because they have become lazy I think.

Because if we don’t know ourselves and if we don’t work at being better, the easiest thing to do is look to other things and make that easy to ignore.

Survival is hard as a stray dog. I know this. But I learned how to depend on me. I learned I was strong. Honestly, those may be lessons I didn’t want to learn though.

Maybe you have been through a lot. And you’ve learned a lot.

But maybe you wish you didn’t have to. I feel you on that.

But as long as we have learned, take the lessons and apply them fo make your life better now.

Cherish your self reliance and ability to entertain yourself when others panic during the quiet times. And also get some batteries for when the electricity goes out. Just sayin.

-Fruitycake The Raccoon


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