On Top Of The World

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  Happiness is a funny thing, isn’t it? One minute, you can think that you are happy.  And you feel good.  The next minute, you can question your happiness.  You can question if you even know what happy is.  Oh, battling our own thoughts can be tricky.  I know this for sure.


I have some aches and pains as I get older. Sometimes, I find myself concentrating on the aches.  I wonder if everyone that tells me I am old is right.  I wonder if I even feel as good as I do.

When I overthink it, I seem to feel the aches more. Like yesterday, when we got to a new campground, my foot really seemed to be giving out on me.  It was hotter outside than what I have been used to, or like.  And I found myself wondering if I had been feeling as good lately as I thought.  Until we found the grassy hill.

You see, that grassy hill was calling my name, and it was calling Fruitycake’s name.  All I needed was a little encouragement to forget my aches and pains.  All I needed was a little encouragement to feel on top of the world again.  And I ran, and my foot worked just fine.  Just fine.

Sometimes, it just takes the right friend at the right time to help you remember who you are inside.  We are NOT an age.  We are NOT a number on a scale. We are NOT what others put on us.  We are who we are.  We can always be better, yes.  But remembering what makes you feel on top of the world will help you to get there.


It is a rare thing for happiness to overtake all the bad happening in the world right now.  It is easy to let the bad go higher than the good.  So if you feel like you are on top of the world today, even if for a minute, cherish it!  Don’t feel guilty about it! I will see you there…on top of the world.

-Peanut Butter Brickle


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