The Hopping Happy

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This is Fruitycake. What lets others know when you are happy? Is it when you smile? Yes, dogs smile too. I know you have seen it. Some persons believe that we smile and some don’t. I present to you Brickle without a smile.

And I present to you Brickle with a smile. There you go.

For me, I am always happy. Girl Person says I am a lot like Digby Pancake in that way. She says Digby had many wonderful, happy days. Surely more happy days than sad. And that is all anyone could wish for. Well, I guess I wish he could have lived forever. I sure would have liked to meet him.

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But if you are fortunate enough to be here today, is there something that could make you happy? Maybe you think you are too busy to be happy.

Or have too much to do, or places to be. But if you can’t get hopping happy like I am, you are missing out. Do you really need to do all of that stuff?

When I am really happy, I can’t help but hop around. My butt comes around to the front and tries to chase me. I make the persons laugh. I make Brickle smile.

He has an inside laugh. The hopping happy is a real thing. And I think it is in all of us. I just think we don’t pay attention to it. I think that we give too much importance to things that don’t matter which takes away the hopping happy. And that is a shame.

Every day, when I walk by our truck, I want to take a ride. I want to go somewhere new. I want to see different things. I want to learn.

And although it is great fun while we are somewhere new, afterwards, when we are home and I get to think about our adventures, that is when I am the happiest.

Just like we have to feed our bodies, and feed them a lot, we have to feed our spirits! We have to put forth effort to be hopping happy, to learn and to reflect. It makes us better.

So if you get a chance today, and even if you don’t get a chance, do your hopping happy dance. Even if no one is watching, and it is probably better that way…

-Fruitycake The Raccoon

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