It’s All Relative

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Do you ever wonder sometimes what makes us all different?  Like what makes Deputy Digby Pancake like pancakes and what makes me like peanut butter? What makes Girl Person like spaghetti and Boy Person like molasses? What makes anyone like molasses? But that’s not the story today.  It’s about risotto.

Oh, risotto.  Fancy schmancy.  When the persons went to that Italy place, they ate and they ate and no peanut butter and no pancakes.


And one of the things that they love is risotto.  And they talk about it.  And they talk about it some more.  But apparently, it takes a long time to cook and you have to be committed to make it right.  And yes, we are in this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, but that never stops Girl Person from cooking.  And she loves it.  She loves that dern risotto.  And she loves it so much that she cooks it up and she makes too much and guess what.  Deputy Digby and I get it added to our dinner.

One thing you should know about me when you are ready or even if you are not is that I like food.  But I also like playing hard to get.  Deputy Digby can’t hide his feelings.  Especially about food.  

I can.  I am the Sheriff.  I have a poker face even when I don’t play poker.

With something so fancy and good to the persons as risotto, I wonder why I could care less.  I wonder why I would rather have a peanut butter sandwich.  I wonder why Digby doesn’t even care what he eats.  And who is right? What is good? What is bad?

It’s like when we camp and travel, someone will love the city we are in.  Someone will never want to go back.  And I suppose that after all, that is not a bad thing.  Not everyone could live in the same place.  Not everyone could be from the same place.  If everyone liked to eat spaghetti, there would be only enough spaghetti for that one person and no one else because that is all they would eat.  And that’s deep.  As deep as that pot of risotto.

After all is said and done, life…its all relative.  For each of us, what we like is what we like.  And that is a good feeling.  It’s a good feeling to know that no one else will like that something like you like it.  You should never feel bad about what you like and you should never make anyone else feel bad for what they like.  It’s like that ice cream that was always in Granny and Pappy’s freezer when no one ate the vanilla part.  Eventually, we realized that it was for us dogs.  And that was as it was meant to be.  There was enough love to go around.

So when someone cooks you up some risotto and they love it so much, let them.  But then, go have a sandwich.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


2 thoughts on “It’s All Relative

  1. Theresa Bates

    Now, Brickle, my momma always taught me that if someone goes to great lengths to cook something, I should at least take a bite and NEVER tell them I don’t like it. Just hold back on the gag and eat a small serving, then let Digby have the rest because, well, he’s Digby and you’re not. If didn’t, I bet he ate it anyway, didn’t he? Then hide your sandwich, or he’ll eat that, too, before you have a chance.

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