See Ya Later, Missouri!

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. We are outta here Missouri! It’s been fun. It’s been real. It’s been real fun. But time to go to Indiana. Not without a proper goodbye though.



We had an eventful week in your state. We had to help Girl Person feel better with her head injury. We had to help Boy Person with his migraine monster. And we had to hold down the fort, and or RV until the persons could pull it together. We didn’t miss any dinners, don’t worry there, I know what you were thinking.

We visited a great shelter called Five Acres that was super attractive, like me.  In case you missed our interview with them and how they help animals, allow me to show it to you again.  Yes, Digby and I make an appearance, we always do.

There was lots of good food in Missouri.  Of course, barbecue ruled.  So Girl Person made us a local delicacy called Pork Steak.  Yeah, it passed the Sheriff test and earned my paw of approval.


Now, I know what you are thinking. What was my favorite thing about Missouri?  Aside from the fact that it showcased my handsome almost perfectly, because nothing can showcase it perfectly because it is not possible, this is a hard question.

Was it the Gateway Arch in St. Louis?


Was it the many hikes we took in Missouri’s natural display of awesomeness?


Was it the museum in St. Charles that let me and the Deputy visit and come inside?


Was it the beautiful sunsets?


Well, no.  And I can tell you another thing.  It definitely wasn’t the wind and cold.  It definitely wasn’t the bad breath that Digby got eating that deer poop full of berries off the ground.  No, so what was my favorite thing about Missouri?


The people.  The fans that offered to help Girl Person feel better at the doctor.  The fans that understood when we had to cancel a meetup because of weather.  The people at the campground who were so nice, but not the woman that acted like dogs were evil and trying to attack her because we were not and why would you wear that in public anyway?  NO, but it was the nice people at the stores, the towns, the museum, the cities, the hikers, the people.  The wonderful, nice people.  That is what we will always truly remember about Missouri.

So when I think of Missouri, in the down times I am not thinking about myself, I will think of it fondly.  Thank you to all our Missouri fans and we hope we can see you soon.  Now…off to somewhere called Evansville, Indiana.  Let’s see what adventures and what animal rescuers we can meet this week!  Are you ready?  Let’s do this.  Or, You. Are. Arrested.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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