Poet With Paws

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Our Adventure Of A Lifetime continues in Illinois this week.  I am learning a lot in this Illinois place, in fact.  Yesterday, we had a full day of schoolin’.  First we visited our rescue pick for the state called Western Illinois Animal Rescue in Monmouth.  I thought I would like Monmouth from the start.  Any name with mouth in the title means they either like talking or howling or eating.  So that’s fine by me.  Look for our video with them and story this weekend by the way.  I was told to say that.  Guess cause I have a mouth.  And I’m in Monmouth.  I could talk about this all day…with my mouth.  I am cracking myself up.

Anyway!  After the rescue visit, we were pretty tired, but the persons decided that a certain place was calling our name.  And it wasn’t even called Monmouth.  It apparently was part of our schoolin’ for the day.  We headed to a house that a famous poet was born in.  His name was Carl Sandburg and he won like three Pulitzer Prizes.  Ok, yeah?  I have won about a million Pawlitzer Prizes with my poems, Mr. Sandburg. I have written this dog blog for over five years now, and I have a lot of blogs under my belt.  Wait.  I don’t wear a belt.  If I did wear a belt, I can imagine that it would be under my belly with my pants pulled up high.  Probably.  Yeah.

Girl Person said that he wrote some beautiful things.  Great, something else to make her sappy.  But this does seem appropriate to our trip somehow.



So we went to this poet’s house that was born in this Illinois place named Carl Sandburg.

It was a small house, but quite pretty.


It had an outhouse and a barn and plenty of flowers to pee on.


All of this scenery got me inspired.  And I decided that I should be a poet.  You know, with paws.  So enjoy.

Illinois is a place

That puts a smile on my face

It has pizza and food

That puts me in a good mood.

Sheriff Brickle likes this state

But he is still looking for bait

To arrest more criminals.

Cause that’s what he does, which does not rhyme, but I will continue.  I was told to include the Sheriff in my poem which I did not feel was necessary and or appropriate, but a Deputy has to do what he is told.



Illinois has good people

Trying to help animals far and wide

They have rivers and pancakes so good I cried.

Chicago is a place where they have a team

That has baseball and they are winners.

That does not rhyme either but I don’t want to win more Pulitzer or Pawlitzer Prices than the poet that lived here cause that would be disrespectful, so I will stop.  Like a mop.  Gah!  I am too good.  All this learnin’!


Sometimes, a place surprises you.  Like this Illinois place surprises us.  Hard working and nice people who love their state.  A place filled with farmland and history.  A place that we still have more to see in!  More to pee in!  Why am I still writing poetry? Because I am that good.  That good.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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