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This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  And we are still in North Dakota.  And let me tell you this, I am super happy that I ate all of those pancakes before I got here so that I could be warmer.  Good idea on my part.  Good idea.

The wind here?  Sheriff Brickle has tried to arrest it, but because we are in the Badlands of North Dakota or something, he can’t do much about it.  The rain?  Yep, same thing.  But me? I am liking being in the Badlands because it gives me an excuse to be, well, bad y’all!

Girl Person has a few choice phrases she uses often.  “I love you Brickle.” “You are the most perfect and handsome dog in the world, Brickle”.  “Digby, why are you so cute?”  “Digby, why did you roll in poop, why did you eat it, and why did you throw it up?”.  You know the phrases. But she also has one the uses more often that any other.  “Sorry about that”.

She seemed to use it a lot yesterday when we were in the Badlands.  Sorry to the ranger who was trying to explain how to get around the park when I howled.  “Sorry about that”.  Sorry to the ranger when Brickle gave her a dirty look, which in fact is his normal look.  “Sorry about that”.  Sorry to the prairie dogs who were tired of us watching them and kept trying to run.  “Sorry about that”.  Sorry to the bison who scared us to death and I howled at them too.  “Sorry about that”.

Then, when she was tired of saying “sorry about that” and thought I was done being bad for the day, I decided I would put in one last round.  Find a pork chop at camp and try to swallow it whole to the horror of a toddler.  “Sorry about that”.  Howl at Boy Person when I heard a doorbell sound on the TV, even though we have no doorbell in this Big Blue Treat Wagon and made him drop his hair gel.  “Sorry about that”. Then one last go round on our walk at a unassuming furkid being walked by his person who did not appreciate my howl, Brickle’s growl at my howl, and Girl Person’s “Sorry about that”.

So, Girl Person decided that maybe she needs a shirt that says….guess what….”Sorry about that”.  And she says that way she won’t have to say it all the time.  We have a lot more states to go.  A lot more sorry.  About.  That.

We will be headed to our North Dakota rescue pick today, Oreo’s Animal Rescue in Dickinson, North Dakota! Look for pics on our Facebook page today!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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  1. Listen here pawdner ~ you boys better start bein sweet or girl person may tan your hide 🙂 She may not be sorry bout that either 🙂 That’s how we talk in the west 🙂 We don’t actually tan hides but it sounds like we mean business !

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