Badlands. Where Digby Belongs.


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle still reporting from North Dakota! But yesterday, we drove to a new place in North Dakota near Medora and we are in the Badlands.  How do I know?  Deputy Digby is here.  That tells you.

Girl Person says that most of the time we are just a pleasure. Actually, she never says that. But she loves us and that is that. However, two travel days in one week is a lot for any of us, but especially us dogs being cooped up like chickens in this Big Blue Treat Wagon. We have no choice because the states are getting bigger. That being said, it did not stop us, and especially Digby Pancake yesterday from badding it up in the Badlands of this North Dakota place.

We definitely aren’t in the Florida place anymore.  We have never felt so far away, and towns like this are seriously new to us.  We love the adventure, and Deputy Digby loves the smells.  So much so that he tried to pull Girl Person onto the train tracks.  Was there a train coming? No, but there could have been and that would have made the blog much more interesting.  I suppose I could have embellished on that, but who needs to when you have the Deputy trying to chase Prairie Dogs which aren’t really dogs but rodents, trying to pull Girl Person into a Saloon when he is under age, then peeing on train tracks, then trying to scare a Golden Retriever, then stepping in this own poop all while trying to steal my salmon and lasagna dinner?  Nuff said.

Girl Person was in such a dither, whatever that is, and locked us out of the Big Blue Treat Wagon, then couldn’t find Boy Person who was trying to find a store with wine and all the while, Deputy Digby started trying to pee on hats which were on fence posts.  If you think that’s weird, I can’t help you because I have no idea either.  I guess fences in North Dakota wear hats which is fine if that is their style.  We are strangers here, I can’t judge fashion.

So my point is that apparently, if you come to the Badlands of North Dakota, you must be bad and do bad Digby Pancake style.  This may be the only place I do not arrest him for being bad because if I take him to jail in the Badlands, how are they going to help him?  Ugh.

Anyway.  Let’s explore the Badlands today and live it up.  Are you ready?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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