The North and South


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I am certainly in a good mood today.  Why?  First of all I woke up extra handsome.  Second of all, there.  Is.  Sunshiney!

As you probably know, we had quite a weekend.  We planned to stay in the North Dakota place until today.  Unfortunately, sometimes as law enforcement, I have to put my paw down and make hard decisions.  Because the rain was so bad, it flooded the campground we were in and we were up to our dog knees in water.  We couldn’t go for any walks or hikes in the mud and rain and we were just tired.  It’s no fun sitting in the Big Blue Treat Wagon for three days straight.  I call it a sausage tube, which you would think is a good thing, but when it rains, not so much.  It stinks because we have to put those slide outs in so that it doesn’t leak in here.  It also stinks because I have to be closer to the Deputy. So again, not so much fun.

Girl Person left it up to us, and Deputy Digby Pancake and I decided that instead of spending another day in the sausage tube, we would use that day for travel to the next state, South Dakota.  We did get to see a lot in our short time in North Dakota though!  And it was pawsome.


We got to see bison for the first time!  Big dogs?  That’s what they remind me of! We got to see prairie dogs too which aren’t really dogs and who live in the ground and make funny noises. We also got to see the beautiful, open spaces of North Dakota left for the animals to enjoy.  Truly rare, truly beautiful, much like me.



We got to visit the good folk at Oreo’s Animal Rescue in Dickinson, North Dakota too!  If you missed our interview, here ya go, the latest episode of Stop Hounding Me.


The West certainly is interesting! And we loved North Dakota.  We hope that we can come back and visit again one day.  When its not raining…


So thank you North Dakota for a great “almost a week”.   We thank Girl Person too for her North Dakota recipe called Lefse.  What are they?  Oh, just potato crepes for dogs!  We think you need to make some. We like ours dipped in peanut butter.  Of course. They are almost pancakes, right?


So, our adventure this week continues in South Dakota!  We can’t wait to get started after our day of rest yesterday.  Battling winds for days was enough to just tire us out.  And even us dogs need a break sometimes.  So…are you ready for your week in South Dakota? We are visiting a pawsome rescue in Spearfish on Wednesday and we are going to have a great week!  We even have a special blog coming on Wednesday too…something about mess.  So…let’s go!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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