Cheesy Wet Dog


This is Deputy Digby Pancake, and here we go again.  If anyone is in need of rain, just let us know, because we have carried it with us ever since we started this trip.  Yesterday, we had another day of the wet stuff which makes us dogs smell extra good.  Especially in such a closed in RV like the Big Blue Treat Wagon.  It. Smells. Divine. I will not mention the blog from yesterday regarding smell.

This Wisconsin place is known for its cheese, and it seems to be everywhere we go. Girl Person says that they eat something called cheese curds here.  It is also illegal to sell something called margarine in this Wisconsin place, and I am not making that up.  But these cheese curds gave me another idea.  They smell extra stinky.  Wet dog smells extra stinky. And well? Cheesy, wet dog smell?  Now THAT is an idea for cologne if I ever heard one! I could sell a million bottles of this stuff!  And buy as many pancakes as I want forever!  Only problem I forsee with this idea is the absence of room in the Big Blue Treat Wagon to store the pancakes.  Could be an issue.

Anyway.  If the rain stops today, we are headed out for some more Wisconsin adventure!  Yesterday, we had the pleasure of visiting Helping Paws Pet Rescue in Washburn, Wisconsin.  We will be telling you more about them and what they do in the next few days. I will mention that Girl Person has not cried at one shelter or rescue on our trip…until  NOW.  So just wait. But until then, get wet today even if it isn’t raining, eat some cheese curds then smell yourself.  But don’t go out because you will smell so good that everyone will want to know your secret and you will not be prepared for that.

Have a great day everyone!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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