Appreciating The Sunshiney Days


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I am coming at you today with a full pancake belly and a happy sunshiney attitude.  Why? Because yesterday was such a great day.  And when you have had as many rainy days as us lately, and pretty much the last few months of this trip, you sure do appreciate the sunshiney when you get it.

Girl Person says that it is kind of like that in life. She said that if everyday had sunshiney, you wouldn’t appreciate it when it came.  She said that sometimes rainy days are needed to make you appreciate the sunshiney ones, and that even the rainy ones are something to be appreciated too. She said that when persons have problems, all that they can concentrate on is the bad.  But when the bad is over, and the good days come, they seem extra good.  And then you can even appreciate what was good in the bad days.  Now, all of this is way too complicated for me.

I just know that I like sunshiney, I am pretty much always happy if I have a fully belly, and that Sheriff Brickle stinks.  Who needs to know more than that?  Yes, I know he says that I stink, but when you smell his stink, you appreciate my stink. Any stink is better with maple syrup on it anyway.

So if today is a rainy day for you, know that sunshiney is coming.  And if you are having a sunshiney day, think about your last rainy one and what good came out of it.  Also, think about why Sheriff Brickle has such a bad attitude, explain why, and get back to me on that.  It has nothing to do with anything, but I was just wondering.

This weekend, Girl Person says she has some special stuff in store.  A fun report on that Michigan place (an arrest report in fact), a  new video of Stop Hounding Me in Wisconsin, AND an article on Sunday about the good folks at Helping Paws Pet Rescue that is run by an actual veterinarian, and the first rescue on our trip that has made Girl Person burst into tears. So stay tuned and grab some sunshiney!

-Deputy Digby Pancake



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