Stalking Myself


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen as they say.  And I am hot, so if you can’t handle it, I suggest you stop reading this blog now.  Although you will be arrested.

I mean, seriously.  Do you see this?  Every state we go to on our Adventure Of A Lifetime, I think to myself that I can’t possibly be the handsomest dog there.  But I always am.  Which lead me to a conclusion.

It’s no doubt I love Girl Person.  So much so in fact that I am a bit nerve wracked whenever she even walks out the door.  At camp, even if she walks outside, she will look up and see my head peeking up over the dashboard stalking her.  She told me yesterday that I was the cutest stalker she knew.  And I thought that maybe I should be doing some multitaskings of sort.

If I am the cutest stalker, and apparently the handsomest in every state as well, maybe instead of stalking Girl Person, I should be stalking myself.  Makes perfect sense in fact. I wouldn’t have to go far to do it.  I could do it under cover because no one would suspect I was stalking myself, as I am myself.

I could arrest myself if it got out of hand, and since I am the Sheriff as well, I could control the sentencing which would mean more peanut butter cookies for doing such a good stalking job.

So.  Here I am in Ohio.  Ready to stalk myself here until Monday.  Then we are on to somewhere called Michigan.  Where I predict I will be the handsomest dog in that state as well, and reason enough again to stalk myself.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Look for our visit this weekend to Noah’s Lost Ark Exotic Animal Rescue!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle





4 thoughts on “Stalking Myself

  1. Terri Newton

    Sheriff Brickle, you truly are quite handsome. Although Lord Bullington here in Arizona would debate that you would be more handsome than he. We’ll see when you make your way to our state. We strongly advise you not visit in the summer as Peanut Butter Brickle would most certainly melt in 115 degree heat. Winter is much more advisable sir. We wish you well on your adventures!

  2. Karen Olson

    Sheriff I love your reasoning, makes perfect sense to me. Besides being the most handsome you are very funny. You made my day . Thank you

    1. Patricia

      Sheriff….girl person really really loves you! She loves you watching over her so keep on stocking
      Going to Michigan my home state even tho I live in Tennessee now…have a great weekend.

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