We Are Outta Here, Ohio!


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. And Ohio? We are outta here! On to Michigan today!

We had a wonderful time in Ohio, just wonderful. I am pretty upset that I didn’t get to visit the rescue this week called Noah’s Lost Ark Exotic Animal Rescue. Girl Person said that there would have been a chance we could have lunch for the tigers and lions, so she decided against that. Digby thought she said there WOULD BE lunch…and so he was pretty mad about that. Wherever lunch is served, Digby is there.

We only had crazy weather for a few nights with possible tornadoes, and yes, it was scary. But less rain then some of the other states we have visited for sure. We can’t complain about the heat too much either, and the weather in general. Good thing is, if we don’t like the weather, we are moving on to a new state every Monday anyway!

We met some wonderful fans here and wish we could have met more. We thank the fans so much that graciously supported our rescue work here this week and donated to Noah’s Lost Ark. All of us working together are certainly making a difference, and you all are great travel partners too! You are not arrested yet this week as a thank you. But I cannot guarantee tomorrow.

What did we love about Ohio? Certainly the people, the beautiful scenery, the history and the food. There is much to love about this state and maybe one day we can come back to see more.

We even made a recipe for Ohio! Cincinnati Chili For Dogs, anyone?

We are on to a place called Michigan today. We have a VERY long drive ahead of us, and we are not looking forward to it. Michigan is a really big state I am told, so we have to have a few camping spots this week. We are visiting our Michigan picked rescue on Wednesday, so stay tuned. Check our Facebook page for their adoptables too. And if you are a Michigan fan, make sure and let us know what places your recommend for our visit!

So. Here we go! On to another state on our Adventure Of A Lifetime! Won’t you join us? You had better answer the right way.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

7 thoughts on “We Are Outta Here, Ohio!

  1. Jeff Bucher

    Make sure you swing by tahquamanon falls state park in the UP. We camped there for a week last September with our dog Smokey and loved it. Crisp point lighthouse is great too, but you’ll have to do that in the Jeep.

  2. Pamela Jusseaume

    I love the pics and videos that sheriff and deputy post. Your the best dog parents ever. Safe driving and have fun.

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