This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Well, call me Dickle.

Yesterday, we got to see some pretty cool things in this Ohio place. We got to visit a mill where they make flour and corn and you got it! Those things make pancakes, so I was pretty excited. And the persons were too. Until we took a wrong turn on a trail, and well, it was a long way down.

The Florida place we came from generally does not have hills and certainly not mountains. I wish there were pancake mountains, but alas, there are not at this time. So when we took a wrong turn on this trail at the mill, well, it is how I got my new name for the next few days. Dickle.

Girl Person was having a hard time holding me and Sheriff Brickle because we were too excited and not paying attention to the height factor. Truth is, I have been acting up the last few days since we got here. I don’t know why, I just kinda feel like it. And I guess I felt like knocking Boy Person off the Ohio mountain trail too.

There we were. Girl Person had Brickle and she was behind me and Boy Person. All of a sudden I decided that I was going to try and run around Boy Person on the cliff side and get ahead because I felt like pulling everyone just like those Amish carts I see everywhere around here. The leash got wrapped around his leg and well, he yelled “Dickle! Dickle!” Guess he decided that he didn’t know who to yell at so he mixed me and Brickle’s name and yelling, well, it sounded kinda odd, you know? He didn’t fall but looked at me in horror and told me “thank YOU Digby! Thank YOU for almost killing us all!” By this time, Girl Person asked him, don’t you mean Dickle? Thank YOU DICKLE not Digby! They busted out laughing and Boy Person said he didn’t really want to die on the side of an Ohio mill or mountain. Girl Person said she would talk to Dickle about that. But he probably couldn’t guarantee it.

Well, here we are, alive for another day in Ohio! Let’s see what else we can get into.

-Deputy Digby “Dickle” Pancake

P.S. Brickle says Dickle is a copyright infringement on his name. Arrested.

4 thoughts on “Dickle?!

  1. Julie Bodine

    Hi! I met you guys the other day at Mill Creek Park! I am following your website now and really enjoy it! And i hope you enjoyed our park as much as Louie, myself, and Remus (The Weimeraner) do!

  2. Oh you boys are something else 🙂 When I want to refer to Digby and Brickle in plurality from this day forward I will refer to you both as Dickle 🙂 Perfect combination to encompass all guilty furry parties in close vicinity of the persons <3 Love it!

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